Monday, September 14, 2009

Smelling Grown Up

Those of you who know Big, or have been following my blog, are aware that he is a bit of a chatterbox. I am constantly amazed by the things that come out of his mouth. I would never have guessed at the complexity of a 2 year old's thoughts had I not had 2 year olds who could speak so well.

Last week, Ginger came walking into the room, all dressed for her soccer game. She went past where Big was sitting and took a seat at the table. Big looked at her and said with absolute joy, "Hey, Ginger! You smell grown up!" The way he said it was hilarious. (this is not the first time I wish you readers could hear the inflection in his voice when he speaks. It's priceless) Anyway, you could tell that Big felt that what Ginger had done was quite an accomplishment.

I went over to Ginger and smelled her armpits.


The only thing I could smell was the kind of nasty mesh soccer jersey smell. Is that what a grown-up smells like? Is that what I smell like?!? Hmmm.... I do have a lot more online friends than real life friends.... (admittedly, my online friends are also my in person friends, I just don't see them in person very often).

The next day, Rophone and I took Big to the park while Bud was in school. Big kept saying, "I'm happy! I'm just sooo happy! This is great! I'm really happy!" It was so dang cute. We were having a blast, but eventually it was time to go to pick up Bud.

When Rophone gave Big a 5-minute warning to alert him it was almost time to go, Big walked over to the clock on the play structure and turned the dial, saying, "I'm going to turn it to eighty-eighty-nine so it isn't time to go!"

This is what is was like at church on Sunday (non-stop, at the top of his lungs-- the boy has no whisper):

Big: "I need a hymn book!"... "What page?"...."What is that word?"... "What is that man doing?"

Rophone: "Shhhh. You need to whisper."

Big (starting in a whisper): "When do we get the bread?"... "Are they breaking the bread?"... "I think they're breaking the bread!"

Rophone and me: "SHHH!"

(laughter from the surrounding folks)

Big: "I want to pass it." ... "I will pass it to Pen, then she will pass it to Ginger, then she will pass it to Grandma and Grandpa, then they will pass it to mom and she will pass it to that guy!"

Big: "I'm thirsty!"... "Where is the water?".... "I want the water!"... ............... "There's the water!!"

Rophone: "SHHH!"

Big: "Mmmmm! That was good!" ..... "Delicious!"

(more laughter, us included, although ours is tinged with mortification)

Big (cocks his head to the side): "I hear a baby crying!"... "Why is that baby crying?"... "I think he's sad!"

Seriously?! How can he possibly hear the crying baby over all of the noise he's making?!?

It's like that the entire church meeting. Non-stop. One long run-on sentence. It really is impossible not to laugh. I'll be kind of sad when he outgrows it. And think of all those people who normally sleep-- Big's loud talking keeps them awake so they are forced to listen. Big is providing service. He's saving souls!

Big is a total hoot and I wouldn't have it any other way.


janeannechovy said...

I love Big too--wish I'd been there.

jwise said...

Oh yeah, definitely. Every family needs a HOOT or we just wouldn't survive. Yours is hilarious. :)

Pete Pages said...

Our two-yr-olds would be quite the combo in church, wouldn't they? I can only imagine the possibilities... As I always say, "happy loud" is the best kind of loud.

Sappy said...

That is soooooooooo sweet! : )