Friday, May 27, 2011

Friday Favorites

Let's get to it.

1. My baby sister, Auntie Art, had her twin boys on Saturday. All I have to say about that is 'Woohoo!'

2. We had a fun time with my brother's family last weekend. We're glad they could fit us into their busy schedule. 

3. The kids are all out of school for the summer. This is good in so many ways (particularly the not having to get kids out the door in the morning part). Ask me in a few weeks if I'm still so enthusiastic about the whole thing.

4. We bought some plants for our garden this week. I'm hoping we can get them in the ground this weekend. 

5. Edith's head is looking great and her neck is all evenly stretched. Our hard work has been paying off.

6. Edith is 3 months old today and has nary a wrinkle. She's looking great.

7. Rophone is off playing a gig tonight. I hope it works as a great stress reliever for him. He needs it. 

Okay, Edith is crying so I guess that'll be it for this week.

Three Months with Edith

I can't quite wrap my brain around it, but Edith is 3 months old already. We have learned oodles of new things about her in the past month. 

Edith has become quite the "helper" with her hands. She likes to try to help get herself dressed and latch on for nursing. She has also learned to pull her binky from her mouth. Now if she can only learn to put it back in we'll be in business. Hopefully that's next on her agenda. 

She has added the "guh" sound to her vocabulary. I say 'vocabulary' because she seems to actually have one. Edith very happily shouts 'hi!' when she sees someone approach. I guess that's what happens when a baby hears a word repeated by 6 other people multiple (and I mean multiple) times a day. She's the most popular kid on the block, that kid.

We managed to get Edith's head back to a normal shape. Constantly thinking about which way she's turning her head gets a bit tiring, but it seems we need to keep it up to help her head stay that way. 

I have noticed that Edith's hair has taken on a bit of a pink hue in the light. Ginger's hair had the same sort of pinkish highlights. Another redhead, perhaps?

We have a really ugly ceiling fan in the family room which seems to make Edith a little uncertain. It can make it a bit challenging to get a good photo of the girl. Don't worry, Edith, you're not the only one scared by it.

I even changed her position (and her outfit after a pooh blow-out) and still she was haunted by it.

Looks like one of those things we should be setting aside therapy money for.

And I don't know how Edith managed it, but she seems to have scraped up enough money to purchase herself a lovely toupee.

Gorgeous, don't you think?

Edith still loves her daddy the very best of all, and I don't see that changing anytime soon. But I'm okay with that. 

Happy 3 month, Edith!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Big Four

Big celebrated his 4th birthday a few weeks ago, but I just now am getting a chance to post about it. The internet provider we are using was a little slow about transferring our service to the new place. Like snail slow. Frustrating. But, that's all behind us now so I can catch up.

I always make whatever the birthday person requests for a special dinner. Big used his huge once-a-year chance to request toast. Luckily he amended his choice at the last minute, though, so we had quesadillas instead.

After dinner, we moved on to the present opening. Big moved through the smaller presents very quickly, admiring them at near warp speed, trying to get to the big one we were saving for last. It had been sitting on the fireplace hearth, tempting him, for the whole day. So cruel.

Underwear can be so exciting...

At last, it was time for the big hurrah. I took picture after picture...

...until Big told me to stop.

We were hard pressed (as we knew we would be) to get Big to focus on anything else once the concrete truck was opened, but we did manage to get him to take a moment to blow out the candles on his cakes. I say cakes, because our cake-lady neighbor once again came through. With so much time and effort being put out, there was no way I was letting him bow out of his duty!

I made the backhoe cake he asked for, and our neighbor came through with a dump site complete with a truck. What a lucky kid.

Never have I seen a 4 year old take care of their candle-blowing-duty with such efficiency! With the concrete truck loudly calling his name, Big took care of business.


Happy Birthday, Big! You can go back to work now.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Friday Favorites: All Thumbs

We are still internet-less around here (due to a rather lame-o service provider), therefore I'm once again posting via my phone. I'm all thumbs, so you'll have to be happy with brief. Let me see you smile! Okay...

1. Bud graduated from kindergarten today. I'll post more on that later.

2. Rophone took the day off today. So nice.

3. My brother, Rib, and his wife, Jazz Hands, (and kids) came into town tonight. We won't get to see them much, but we'll take what we can get.

4. My sister, Auntie Art, is in labor right now with her twins. I can hardly wait to meet them!

5. Edith leaked pooh tonight and vomited, but none of it was on me.

6. We're still alive.

Next week I should be able to type it up normally. I hope.


Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday Favorites: Abbreviated Phone Version

We don't get internet at the new house until next week, so you'll have to live with the abbreviated favorites via my phone.

1. We moved.

2. Edith is wireless.

3. We are still alive. Mostly.

The end.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Friday Favorites: Moving Day

We're moving today, and since we don't have internet at the new digs yet I need to get this done early. So, a one-handed list while I nurse is what it'll be (it's really the only down time I've got).

1. I got my hair cut on Saturday. We tried something new this time around and the jury is still out on wether I like it or not, but it just feels so good to have it thinned and shaped up!

2. We celebrated Edith's blessing day and Bud's 6th birthday on Sunday. What fun! 

3. We're moving today! It will be so nice to have our own stuff and be in our own space again.

4. Rophone has been Super-helper this week. We're pretty much ready to move and it wouldn't have happened if not for him. He's a rockstar.

5. Ginger got invited to 2 birthday parties today and is totally cool with not making it to either one. The day is just a bit full already. What a great kid.

6. I'm going to go and get in the shower while I've got the chance. Wahoo for cleanliness!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Wow! Six!

Bud turned six on Sunday, so after we blessed Edith at church we headed home for Bud's birthday party. He requested my chicken pot pie for dinner (his favorite!), so eating a big plateful was first on the celebration agenda. 

After dinner Bud opened his gifts. Auntie Art took the photos so I could feed Edith. Thanks, Auntie Art!

Bud loves to crack jokes about my choice of boxes. Here he is pretending to be thrilled at receiving a box of crackers:

Luckily, the boom box elicited the hoped-for reaction from this music lover:

Then it was time for cake and ice cream, of course. Once again we had Bud's favorite; lime yogurt cake (which I neglected to sprinkle with powdered sugar or place the cars on) and cherry chocolate chip ice cream. The neighbor also brought over a blue and orange frosted chocolate cake. Thanks neighbor!

I really could do an entire post just on the process of Bud blowing out the candles. He definitely should get points for style, but it did take him a while. The fact that one candle (not even a trick candle!) kept relighting didn't help him accomplish his task (I took the photos this time).

Okay, another go.

And watch the hair!

If he can just get that pesky red candle out, he'll be okay to move on to the next cake. 

Okay here we go.

No, wait. That red candle re-lit itself again. Pesky.

Time to give it another go, Bud.

That must've done it. Just one more cake to go.

About 10 more blows later and....

... DONE! Happy Birthday, Bud! We love you!