Sunday, July 29, 2012

Seventeen Months with Edith

Seventeen?? Wow! Time is just speeding by, and with the personality Edith has I often have to remind myself that she's only 17 months and not 17 years old. She is confident and smart, and definitely sassy. She is both a sweetheart and a determined diva all in one package. Thank heavens she can speak so well or her tantrums would be monumental, I'm sure. 

Edith really can speak well. She can pretty much say whatever she wants to make her wishes known, and she definitely looks out for her own interests. When the kids are doing something that she thinks she should be involved in she'll holler, "Hey! Heeeey! Heeeey!", getting ever louder until they take notice. And if someone has something that she wants she'll say, "Give it me. Giiive it! Giiiiiiive IT!" And if someone is doing something she doesn't like she'll yell, "No! NO! NOOOOO! Don't!!!". Yeah. Determined diva.

Edith also lets her wishes be known a little less forcefully at times (thank goodness). Like when she wanted to go somewhere with Rophone the other day and I told her she had to ask him if she could tag along. She walked up to him and asked, "Me go you?", pointing first to herself and then to him. Luckily Rophone answered in the affirmative so we avoided that escalating screaming method she employs to try to achieve what she desires. And then, tonight, when she dropped a piece of apple on the floor as she was eating she got my attention by saying my name and then pointed out the runaway slice "Mommy. Drop." Love that talking, Edith.

I make it sound like Edith screams a lot and is just generally ornery, but that's not true. She also continues to give the best hugs and kisses around and loves to snuggle.

It's fun to watch Edith be a very loving Mommy to her baby doll, although her baby is a poop machine, apparently. Edith walks up to me with her baby doll, saying with some distress, "Poopy. Baby poopy. Poopy. Baby poopy." She exhibits great concern until I perform a quick pretend-diaper change. Luckily for the baby that her Edith-mommy knows first hand how yucky it is to wear a poopy diaper and so demands immediate attention be paid. Way to be empathetic, Edith. Little did I know I'd be doing double diaper duty, though.

Edith's favorite toys continue to be those she sleeps with-- her Bummy and her Beemy. I love that she calls her bunny and binky by those names, and I kind of hope she always does because it's so darn cute. She also likes to play construction with Big, as long as she gets to have the worker guys call each other 'Honey'. It's awesome.

I think that part of why Edith seems so much older to me is that her hair is getting long. Long enough to do some cute hairdos..

...and long enough to get a little crazy. Crazy = Older, right?

Another thing that makes me feel like Edith is older than her years is that she won't really let me read to her anymore. She prefers to snuggle up next to me or one of the kids with her own book (usually a chapter book) to read by herself. If I try to grab the book, thinking she wants me to read it to her, she snatches it back while giving me a dirty look. So different from many of my other kids-- instead of having to beg for a break from reading to her, I have to beg her to give me a chance to read. I sure do get a lot of cute photos when she's snuggling up to others, though.

Edith still loves to sing, and is happiest when I'll sing with her. Luckily we don't have a shortage of microphones around here, since singing into one is a must. The silver and black one with the blue stripe is her favorite.

Getting Edith fed continues to be a bit of a challenge, although other people's food is often tempting. The grass is always greener (and tastier!) on the other side, don't you know. Catalog shopping while she eats helps, too.

But on those rare occasions when Edith does find her own food appealing, she definitely gets into it. 

Edith loves being silly and brings a lot of joy into our lives. Thank goodness she's around to keep us from getting too serious. 

Thanks for making us happy for the last 17 months, Edith! We love you!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Friday Favorites

I feel like we must have done something this week...

1. Saturday, we took the three younger kids out to dinner and then to a park while the older girls babysat their twin boybie cousins. The park was just the right thing to cap off our evening, and I'm so glad Rophone was there to man Edith so I could take some photos with my phone.

2. With as much anxiety Bud has about everyday sorts of things at times, it was great to see him climb that space net fearlessly. I mean, when it comes to exploring and climbing things, the kid has no uncertainty. He climbed the toy in mere seconds, every step and handhold made without hesitation. He is completely confident because he feels in control. As much as Bud enjoys soccer and other team sports, he doesn't really like the jostling and roughness that can take place. So, he tends to stick to the outskirts of the game where he can kind of run happily and not be involved in the out-of-control part of it all. 

I have been wracking my brain, trying to think of something that would be a better fit for him, and I think the perfect solution will be getting Bud into rock climbing. He will get exercise and will still learn to work as a team (with his belayer), but will feel like he is in charge (a much more comfortable place for him). I can hardly wait to sign him up when this soccer season is over. The possibilities I see in this for Bud make me happy. 

3. On Sunday, I took the kids over to my folks' to hang out and eat ice cream. The treats were good and Edith could have stayed in the swing quite happily for several more hours, I'm pretty sure. 

3. The boys were so sad to have to leave their grandparents' house on Sunday that we managed to wrangle an invite for a sleepover on Monday night. They had a great time, and I really enjoyed having two less kids to get ready for bed that night. The waffles my mom made and invited all of the kids over to eat the next morning saved me having to fix them breakfast, too. I think I like sending my kids to sleep over at someone else's house. 

4. Tuesday night some friends invited us to come to a 'family night' at their vacation spot. It was so great to see our friends (but I'm lame and didn't get a photo of them) and the kids had a fantastic time. I should probably do a separate post because I have so many photos, but I'm not. 

Pen, hatchet throwing

5. I went to get my new 'teeth' put in on Wednesday morning. I was kinda bummed that the shade was a little dark compared to my other, newly-whitened teeth, so they're making me a new set. On the other hand, this 'practice' pair allows us to fiddle with the shape and size a smidge to get them just right. Now I'm excited, thinking that the finished product will be better than I'd hoped for. Then, on to orthodontia! 

6. Wednesday night, Rophone and I went to the big city for me to get a haircut. We took Edith along so she could have a little date with us. It was so much fun being out as a threesome. I loved how excited Edith was to try on a pair of jeggings we found while at the store. She happily let me strip her down and then did a little dance for her dad to show the pants off, and it was hard to pull her away from admiring herself in the mirror so we could put her back in her own clothes. Buying the pants for her was a must, of course. I tell you, that girl is a shopper!

7. Rophone took my car to get new tires and got it all registered this week. He takes such good care of me. Thanks, Rophone!

8. This morning, my folks and I took the three younger kids up to a reservoir in a nearby canyon. Bud expressed surprise when I decided to shower after my workout this morning, and when I explained that I was doing it because I was sweaty and stinky, he replied, "Whatever. But, if I were you, I would have waited until after the reservoir to shower." I laughed a little, thinking that I wouldn't get that dirty just watching the kids. Guess The-kid-who-has-been-there-before-without-me was right. As I walked down the hill to the reservoir, trying to catch up to the boys who had raced ahead, and heard one boy yelling, "Help! I'm stuck! I'm stuck!" and the other one sobbing, "I lost my shoe! It's stuck in the mud! I lost my shooooo-oooo-ooe!".... well, I knew another shower was in my future. In some spots, the bottom of the reservoir was a wee bit mucky. See?

Yes, I'm holding Big's rescued shoe...

Luckily, Bud was good at extricating himself when stuck. Here he is freeing himself while Big remains stuck up to his thigh (Yeah, it was trying to help Big get out that got me stuck and helped me admit that Bud is, indeed, a wise boy. Definitely another shower..).

I'm glad that Edith, at least, was smart about where she walked. She spent most of her time looking for pretty rocks and taking them to her grandma.

All in all, despite the mud-trauma, it was a whole lot of fun. The scenery was beautiful and I just enjoyed being out. I sometimes forget how much I love it.

9. It has been such a good week! And, to top it all off, Edith and I sang an Alphabet Duet tonight. We love to sing together. 

Wow! This is a really packed Friday Favorites. It's probably time I get off my duff and do more mid-week posts, eh? I'll try to be less lazy....

Friday, July 20, 2012

Friday Favorites

I don't think anything really happened this week. Got a few more gray hairs, refrained from throttling the kids.... hmmmm.... let me think on this.

1. Rophone took me on a date on Saturday. Great as usual, of course.

2. I managed to wrangle the kids at the library on Monday. I'm excited to have a few books to read, and I've learned some new things about snowplows and concrete mixers. Exciting stuff.

I didn't learn anything new about dump trucks, but it was fun to read about them with Edith because it was all new and fascinating to her. 

3. I forgot to mention it last week, but my sister-in-law (Jazz Hands) was able to go with me to boot camp. It was fun to have her along. This week I was able to take Pen on Wednesday and my sister, Art, joined me this morning. It was great to be able to share a butt-kicking with them all. 

4. We went to walk around an outdoor mall last night. It was something we don't normally do, so it was fun. 

By the time we decided we should head home the 3 younger kids were soaked, Edith most of all. Next time, I think we'll come dressed for the splash pad.

We only have about a month of summer left-- I guess we'd better start doing some fun things to post about!