Thursday, June 19, 2014

And a Bag of Chips

We celebrated Father's Day last Sunday. Let me tell you, Rophone really is all that and a bag of chips, so we were happy to do whatever we could to make him feel special. Rophone had to work in the morning, which was a bummer, and the kids seemed to have lost their boarding passes for the helpful and nice train, but I think they were just anxious to get to the part where Rophone got to open his cards and gifts. So, let's skip right to the fun part, shall we?

Big gave his card and little gift to Rophone first. You could tell he was excited to see him open it. 

Next up was Bud. He was pretty happy to give Rophone the card he had made, too.

Edith was pretty sad that she hadn't made a card for her dad, but then she realized that singing a few selections from Frozen was a good alternative. How I wish she would let me record her. It's the best.

A few recent play dates at the neighbor's house have put Barbies on Edith's radar, so she was really hoping that one of the presents contained a Barbie. Rophone promised her that if a Barbie was in any of the boxes, she could have it. Boy, was she excited! She tore into the first Barbie-sized-ish box with gusto. 

When she got the package open and saw that it was a water bottle she said with dismay, "Awwww. I really thought it was a Barbie!" She continued to be disappointed, the poor kid.

Each time the excitement would build… then, nope! At least she took it well.

The kids were all super excited to see Rophone open the shirt they made for him. Edith, too, even though it wasn't a Barbie. I think I should have printed the phrase "Real Men Wear Unicorns" on it. Maybe next time. 

Like the good dad he is, Rophone put it on and wore it the rest of the day. Doesn't he look handsome?

I made a salmon dinner that really hit the spot to top our day off. It was fun to show Rophone how much we love and appreciate him. He definitely makes our lives better. We love you, Rophone!

A Night at the Opera

I'm not surprised that I forgot to post about this, since it took place just a few days before we moved, so I'll just do it now. Bud had the same 3rd grade teacher as Ginger so, like Ginger, he got to participate in an opera with his class. The class decides on the theme of their opera and then writes the script. Then they send the script off and a volunteer scores it for them. It's really a fun thing for the kids to be a part of. 

Bud's class decided the theme of their opera would be "Bad Baby Attack at the Bakery". It was cute. I felt bad for the poor "parents" and their mis-behaving "babies" because I've been there before. Bud was a waiter and a baker. He was also one of the artists that drew and painted the scenery. 

Bud also chose to perform in a talent show that immediately followed the opera. He always jumps at opportunities to perform for people. I'm really proud of him. He did a fantastic job.

I know this last one is blurry, but I love the look on his teacher's face as she applauds his finish. She looks just as happy with his performance as we were.

I think Bud had a great 3rd grade year, and this opera was a fun way to bring it to a close. Good job, Bud! We loved it.

Lazy Days

I think we've had a pretty good mix of doing nothing much and doing some little somethings since school got out. Just about how I like to spend my summer vacations. 

Our niece was in town for a few days, so Rophone had the great idea to go up in the canyon to play at the bottom of the waterfall. It was a perfect day for it and we had a lot of fun. Good thinking, Rophone! The older two girls disappeared up the falls once we got there, so I don't have many pictures of them. The younger kids, on the other hand? I'm just going to swamp you with pictures now...

It was a bit bright.

Edith was so happy when her daddy helped her climb the falls like the bigger kids were doing. They were cute to watch.

I know that trip to the falls probably deserved its own post, but oh well. Now we'll move on. 

I had to take a photo of our backyard basketball court. We were just going to leave our hoop in the carport while we're here temporarily, but Big had other ideas. Now he has one hoop to dunk on, one at his current playing height, and one at his future playing height so he can prepare himself. Big is in heaven.

We had another of our weekly work meetings, and I just had to take a picture of these two cuties sitting on the steps as they ate their Creamies. Edith is getting used to her new friend's enthusiasm for her, I think. At least they were having a bit of conversation as they sat together on the steps, and she wasn't trying to get away… Progress.

I had some surgery in my mouth that left me feeling a little less than stellar (especially when kids decline the invitation to hop on the helpful/obedient wagon). Big picked a flower for me to try and help me feel better. Thanks handsome.

Rophone had another grand idea to make a visit to the newly remodeled museum that's nearby. It was really a lot of fun. Very spacious and pleasant to walk around in. I liked that they didn't have too much on display-- just enough to make it really worth our while, but not so much that the kids felt overwhelmed or tired of being there. I'm sure we'll be back.

I had to laugh at how quickly Rophone sped past this Beetle display. Not a bug fan, my man. Ha!I thought it was pretty cool and very cleverly displayed, though. 

I can't believe I didn't get a photo of the butterflies displayed in the shape of a huge butterfly. Gorgeous.

That evening, right at bedtime, Edith let us know she needed to sit on the potty. I put her on with some books on a bench and waited for her to call out that she was done. It was taking her a little longer than I expected, so Rophone went in to see if she was ready to get off. I guess going to the museum is tiring…

Then there was the day she was trying to be sneaky by hiding in the closet:

Seems like summer vacation is going pretty well so far. Can't wait to see what else we get up to. 

Monday, June 2, 2014


I just realized that I haven't posted since "My Day", but we have had a bit going on. Edith and I were super busy trying to get the house packed up to move while the kids were in school. Edith is the best box-labeler ever. She really takes pride in her work.

We also made time to keep clean (good hygiene is super important)..

…and to have a little fun. Relaxation is important, too, so we wouldn't get burned out on our job.

Edith's box-labeling got better and better as we went. One of her goals this year was to work on being able to write things (a real concern when you're two, apparently), and it looks like her hard work is paying off. I'm sure being 3 helps a bit, too.

The big day arrived on May 24th. The kids were so excited to hang out in the truck, especially Big, of course, with Edith as a close second. After living in this house twice for a total of 4 years it's kind of hard to believe we'll never be back, but we are all excited about our moving adventure and can't wait to see what the future holds.

Monday was Memorial Day and we went to visit my Dad's grave with my sister, Art, and her family. I know my mom is happy someone went by to say 'hello'. It's hard to believe that in 3 months he will have been gone for two years. I think of him every day, though. Probably because I'm pretty sure he's taken over my body-- my right ankle always hurts and I now have a strange new affinity for spicy foods. If I start craving pickled herring, I guess I'll know for sure.

We went out for a fun dinner with my sister's family and then came home after for a little relaxation. Big lasted for one round of Love Train and then Pen stepped in. Ginger and Big enjoyed the nice weather outside while the others played a few more rounds. So nice to enjoy being together.

On Thursday night, we went back to the old house to gather the remaining items from the yard. Edith proudly showed off the flower she picked and when I asked if it was for me she replied, "No, it's for me and I love it." Okay. Then she announced, "I'll pick another one." How sweet, I thought. Yeah, that one was for her, too. So cute.

Saturday afternoon we had a work meeting for our game company. I love the people we're working with, and I really love how we do meetings. Best. Company. Ever. Yessss!

On Saturday morning we picked up our niece from a camp she attended and took her and Pen on Saturday night to support a friend as he played with his band. It was fun, although a bit windy and cold. We were staying back from the speakers so as to avoid wearing earplugs, so the band looks a little teeny. They really are normal-sized, though. Mostly. :)

So, that's what's been going on recently. A lot, but not a lot, if you know what I mean. Anyway, we should do some fun things in the next little bit that I'll be able to post about the next time. I can hardly wait to see what they are!