Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Dueling Baptists

Okay folks, it's time for another installment of The Dueling Baptists. There was a brief lull in the duel as the churches gave some sign time to their various summer activities, but now they're back at it. Battling for good.

I was really hoping to come up with some sort of witty commentary to accompany these photos, but the signs are really witty enough on their own. We'll just let them speak for themselves.

In the red corner...

and in the pink corner...

I absolutely love the second one. I think I have to award the victory to the pink corner this time around-- maybe the way they compared God to Bounty just spoke to the housewife in me or something.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Model

We went to a farewell open house on Sunday to say goodbye to my brother, Rib, and his family. They are moving to another place due to a job transfer, and we are terribly sad to see them go. While we were there at the party, Rib's son, Captain Tornado, started commanding me to take his picture. He came up with all of the poses himself.

"Hey! Take a picture of me drinking from my cup!"


"Take a picture of me crouching down like this!"

All righty.

"Take a picture of me doing this!"


"Hey! Take one of me acting like a frog!"

Why not?

Captain Tornado is hilarious. I think he may have a real future in modeling-- he seems to understand his angles, managing to look good in every picture. And, with such an array of emotions at his disposal, no one will ever accuse him of only having one "look". Hopefully he'll remember me when he's famous.

Monday, July 20, 2009

"Bud"ding Gymnast

This summer, I signed Bud up for a 5 week gymnastics class at a local gym. He finished last week and, let me just tell you, I can't wait to sign him up again after we move. The transformation this class has brought about in Bud is absolutely fantastic! (I had a feeling it was going to be good when, after watching the teacher demonstrate a task on the first day, Bud was the only child to proudly do his "finish arms" when he was done.)

When gymnastics began, Bud showed some trepidation about doing some of the tasks his teacher set forth (especially those that entailed being upside down). By the time the class came to a close last week, he was attempting everything and excelled at many!

The newfound confidence he gained at gymnastics spilled over into other areas of his life. A few months ago we attempted to get him to ride a bike with training wheels, to no avail-- but one day last week he suddenly announced that he was ready to give it a go. Not only that, but he hopped on with no nervousness and took off! Without even looking to see if I was coming along or not! Then, this week, he started swimming lessons for the first time and did fantastically!

I really can't wait to sign him up for gymnastics again and I'm excited to see what growth Bud experiences when he starts soccer next month. It's just so much fun to watch!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Not the Toes!

Bud and Big hate getting their fingernails and toenails cut. They are always trying to postpone getting it done with pleas of, "In the morning, Mom!" or (looking at the clock) "We'll do it when the hand gets to the 4!" As far as they are concerned, fingernails are bad, but nothing, and I mean nothing, compares to the torture of the toenails.

On Saturday, I informed the boys that we could put it off no longer. The nails just had to be cut. No more postponing the inevitable. I started with Big and did his fingernails with a minimum of fuss. When I got to the toenails, however, it was a completely different story.

Cutting his toenails entailed pinning him down with my forearm (Sorry about the elbow to the groin, Big. My bad.) while I held his feet one by one in a death grip. All the while he screamed stuff like, "Not the toes!" and "Ow!" and "Let me go, you're hurting me!". Bud stood and watched the whole thing, wide-eyed and worried.

When Big's turn was over I told Bud his turn was up. He looked at me rather nervously, twisting his fingers a bit, and announced, "I'm sorry, Mom. I didn't bring my feet this time."

Oh, how my kids make me laugh. Luckily, we were able to locate Bud's feet and get the job done. The boys agreed after all was done, like they always do, that it really hadn't been that bad after all. Too bad they won't remember that when next time rolls around.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Playing with Clay

I love having a ceramics teacher for a sister! I mean, I'd love her even if she wasn't a ceramics teacher... but I really love the opportunities I have been getting, as her sister, to play with clay. I find it to be a bit stressful to my perfectionistic personality to try and create something on a spinning wheel, but when something comes together I get immense satisfaction.

I know I have a lot to learn, and these bowls most certainly aren't without flaw, but I love them anyway. I am proud of them even. Most importantly, I had a lot of fun creating them.

Thanks, Art, for giving me opportunities to work on my creativity in a new way! I can't wait for next time!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Big Says...

Last Friday night, the 3 older kids spent the night with their Auntie and Uncle Art at their new place. The kids were so excited to go hang out with their much loved aunt and uncle. Big, feeling a little anxious, declined their generous invitation to sleep over, but spent the afternoon playing at their house before we left the older kids behind.

While Rophone and I were driving with Big in the car after we left, I asked him if he had enjoyed spending time with his aunt and uncle. He replied that he had. Then I asked him what he had done while at their house...

Me: "So, what did you do at Auntie and Uncle Art's house?"

Big: "We worked with clay in the garage!"

Me: "Did you like doing that?"

Big: (with a big nod) "Yeah!"

Me: "What else did you do?"

Big: "I jumped off the furniture..."

Me: "What else?"

Big: "..Uncle Art hit me...."

Me: "What?!"

Big: "...Uncle Art hit me..."

Seriously? Who could hit this kid? I mean, look at him! Although, maybe that's why he has drool on his chin....

... and look at Uncle Art! That guy wouldn't hurt a fly!

Unless, of course, someone is eyeing his ice cream.

Not to worry. Rophone and I were there the whole time and Big didn't get walloped by Uncle Art. He obviously just isn't used to the type of "guy" roughhousing they were doing and didn't know how else to describe what they had done. It kind of made me realize.... what has he been telling people?! Maybe that explains some of the strange looks....