Sunday, February 8, 2015

Ginger Groundhog is 14!

The best part of Groundhog's Day is definitely that we get to celebrate Ginger's birthday. I hate to say it, but the Groundhog gets pretty much ignored around here-- sorry, chump, no Groundhog's Day glory for you. 

Ginger is waaay cuter than Punxsutawney Phil, anyway, so it's to be expected. See?

I was super excited for the chance to use some of my cute new paper for the presents. I have a thing for wrapping paper.

We ate an absolutely delicious dinner of chicken burritos (thanks for requesting them, Ginger, they really hit the spot!) and then opened gifts. 

Ginger has really been getting into art lately, so this sketch book made her really happy.

The present that made her the happiest, though, is something that we hid until the very end-- a longboard! Ginger has been wanting one, and we're so glad we got it for her because she's been on it almost constantly since her birthday. Total score.

After the gifts, it was time to move on to the blowing out of the candles portion of our evening. Ginger didn't want a cake, so I made her the gluten free chocolate chip cookies she wanted and served it with her favorite salted caramel ice cream. She was happy.

It was such a great birthday, and we're really glad that Grandma and Grandpa Gorilla could join us for the celebration.

Happy Birthday, Ginger! We love you!

What's Been Going Down

The morning that the kids returned to school after Christmas break, Edith was ready to jump immediately into working on her goals. She brought up the idea right after I got out of the shower and kept pressuring asking me to help her with more and more as the morning went on. So self-motivated, that girl. We ended up working on her reading, practicing writing her name, learning to zip her coat, and learning how to button sweaters. She spent a looong time on the sweater-buttoning, but of course she refused to try something with bigger buttons first. Edith is one determined girl. She's going to go places with an attitude like hers. 

A week later we finally got some good snowman snow. So, after we shoveled (work before play, and all that)…

We worked together to create this lovely snowgirl named Marshmallow:

You can tell how pleased Edith is with it just by the smile on her face. I'm so glad we got a chance to make it together. 

A few days later, Edith and I were able to go watch Bud compete in his school's geography bee. He was one of only 2 fourth graders in the school bee, with 4 fifth graders and 4 sixth graders who all won their class bees. It was really fun (and nerve-wracking!) to watch. We're so proud of Bud for taking part, and the icing on the cake was that he placed 3rd, being beaten out by two of the 6th graders. Way to go, Bud!

 I love the way Edith expresses her personality and individuality with the outfits she wears. They make me smile because they are so her.

When she came out in this outfit one morning, the conversation we had made me so happy: "So, you think this goes pretty well together, huh?" She looked back over her shoulder and replied, "Of course! It's unicorns, flowers, and mouse!" 

 I mean, it's not everyone who can pull off this look to go to the grocery store:

Edith had a sickie couple of days that were a real bummer. It was an odd little fever without much else, but it took the wind out of her sails.

Just a few days later, though we went out for a fun walk with Big. We stopped to take some photos of ourselves and I said, "Let's make funny faces!"

They totally hung me out to dry! Thanks, kids. 

Edith and I were stoked to get the chance to go see Bud compete again, this time in the school spelling bee. Bud totally rocked it, tying for 4th place! The girl they had reading the words pronounced things a little weirdly, though, so both Bud and a friend ended up getting out on words they knew, but couldn't tell that's what she said. Total bummer, but now they know to take the time to ask for a definition and that the word be used in a sentence! So proud of you, Bud!

The month of January ended up being a pretty fun and exciting one. I mean, how could it not be great when I get to hang out with this girl? Cutie pie. One night I was helping Edith brush her teeth when suddenly she put her hand to her chest and said,
Edith: "My heart is beating really fast. I can feel it."
Me: "You can? Is it beating faster than normal?"
Edith: "Yes. Maybe I'm going to die."
Me: "Hmmm…I don't think you're going to die. I hope not, anyway. Do you feel okay?"
Edith: "Yeah. Maybe I'm turning invisible. That's probably what it is."
Me: "Yeah, probably."