Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Figuring Out Two

There are plenty things to figure out about being two. And, not quite halfway into the being 2 thing, Big has mastered most of them. He's super busy and curious-- he's always getting into things, especially when I'm trying to get something done. 

Big is a great talker, but don't let that fool you. He's got the tantrum and whining thing down pat. He is also super stubborn and obstinate. (Like any 2-year-old worth his salt should be!)

There is one thing about being two, however, that Big has yet to master. But, he sure does give it his all...

Big did it!

He showed an amazing amount of concentration for a whole 2 minutes to achieve his task!

And then he got distracted. 

What can I say? He's two.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Posing 101

Where my photos are concerned, Bud has been a less than willing subject as of late. He is definitely getting tired of this photo challenge. So, I was more than just a little surprised the other day when he told me he wanted to pose for some pictures. I usually choose candids over posed shots, but there was no way I was going to turn down this opportunity.

Here is a lesson in posing from a 4 year old (he was on fire, I tell you!):

This kid is clearly a pro. I hope you all learned something.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Bike Ride

It has been a rough couple of days, so this morning I decided to take the boys on our typical Tuesday/Thursday bike ride, knowing that it would provide me with a 45 minute break of sorts. (It's not always easy being the parent of tri-lingual children-- they speak, English, Tantrum and Whine. And, being the bright children that they are, they seem to be picking up a few more as well. Lucky me.)

Anyway, the term "bike ride" is a loose one where the boys are concerned, as they are sitting in the trailer while I do all the work. I guess you could say that I bike while they ride. Today, Bud decided to take some binoculars along with him. I mean, what a great idea! Might as well, since he's just sitting there.... relaxing... making comments about how hard I'm breathing...

As we headed out, I was anticipating the next 45 minutes or so with excitement-- we would all be happy... I would get a chance to recoup a little... you know, regain the patience that I had long since lost...

Then Bud opened his mouth:

"Hey, Mom! I'm trying to see the sky but your butt is in the way!"

Oh, yeah. This ride was going to be awesome.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Tastes Like Grass

I made some cookies today, both the fantastic Chewy Sugar Cookies and, later, some equally but differently fantastic pumpkin chocolate chip. Bud came into the kitchen and asked if he could have a sugar cookie, so I gave him one. We then had this hilarious conversation:

Bud (looking at his cookie and taking a bite): "Did you mix the colors on this one?"

Me: "Yep. I rolled it in both blue and green sugars."

Bud: "Oh."

Me: "Is it good?"

Bud: "It tastes like grass."

Me: "Grass?! Well you probably don't want it then. I can just take it back."

Bud (tucking his cookie into his chest and looking a tad alarmed): "Did I say grass?!? I meant it tastes like a cookie.... a really good cookie."

Friday, September 18, 2009

Cloud Formation Friday

Okay, people! Here's a chance for you to use your imaginations.

Stretch yourself. Think outside the box.

Leave a comment about what you see in the clouds (don't sneak a peak at the other comments before you leave yours-- there is no wrong answer, I promise!)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My Two Toms

"Hey, Tom!"

"No, not you. The other one."

You can call them both Tom.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Smelling Grown Up

Those of you who know Big, or have been following my blog, are aware that he is a bit of a chatterbox. I am constantly amazed by the things that come out of his mouth. I would never have guessed at the complexity of a 2 year old's thoughts had I not had 2 year olds who could speak so well.

Last week, Ginger came walking into the room, all dressed for her soccer game. She went past where Big was sitting and took a seat at the table. Big looked at her and said with absolute joy, "Hey, Ginger! You smell grown up!" The way he said it was hilarious. (this is not the first time I wish you readers could hear the inflection in his voice when he speaks. It's priceless) Anyway, you could tell that Big felt that what Ginger had done was quite an accomplishment.

I went over to Ginger and smelled her armpits.


The only thing I could smell was the kind of nasty mesh soccer jersey smell. Is that what a grown-up smells like? Is that what I smell like?!? Hmmm.... I do have a lot more online friends than real life friends.... (admittedly, my online friends are also my in person friends, I just don't see them in person very often).

The next day, Rophone and I took Big to the park while Bud was in school. Big kept saying, "I'm happy! I'm just sooo happy! This is great! I'm really happy!" It was so dang cute. We were having a blast, but eventually it was time to go to pick up Bud.

When Rophone gave Big a 5-minute warning to alert him it was almost time to go, Big walked over to the clock on the play structure and turned the dial, saying, "I'm going to turn it to eighty-eighty-nine so it isn't time to go!"

This is what is was like at church on Sunday (non-stop, at the top of his lungs-- the boy has no whisper):

Big: "I need a hymn book!"... "What page?"...."What is that word?"... "What is that man doing?"

Rophone: "Shhhh. You need to whisper."

Big (starting in a whisper): "When do we get the bread?"... "Are they breaking the bread?"... "I think they're breaking the bread!"

Rophone and me: "SHHH!"

(laughter from the surrounding folks)

Big: "I want to pass it." ... "I will pass it to Pen, then she will pass it to Ginger, then she will pass it to Grandma and Grandpa, then they will pass it to mom and she will pass it to that guy!"

Big: "I'm thirsty!"... "Where is the water?".... "I want the water!"... ............... "There's the water!!"

Rophone: "SHHH!"

Big: "Mmmmm! That was good!" ..... "Delicious!"

(more laughter, us included, although ours is tinged with mortification)

Big (cocks his head to the side): "I hear a baby crying!"... "Why is that baby crying?"... "I think he's sad!"

Seriously?! How can he possibly hear the crying baby over all of the noise he's making?!?

It's like that the entire church meeting. Non-stop. One long run-on sentence. It really is impossible not to laugh. I'll be kind of sad when he outgrows it. And think of all those people who normally sleep-- Big's loud talking keeps them awake so they are forced to listen. Big is providing service. He's saving souls!

Big is a total hoot and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Just Like Eating Ice Cream

I came to a realization today while watching Bud play soccer.

Playing soccer, for Bud, is just like eating ice cream.

For probably a whole year after giving Bud his first ice cream cone he would pretend to eat and enjoy them. He always insisted on having one along with everyone else, but then he would just sit there smiling, pretend-licking his cone. His tongue would come out of his mouth and perform a licking motion just shy of the actual ice cream.

To the casual observer, it looked like Bud was enjoying his cone like everyone else was enjoying theirs-- it was only to those who looked closely that the ice-cream-eating-sham was revealed. He was good at pretend-licking. A pro.

I'm pretty sure that it was that initial and unexpected shock of cold that Bud experienced the first time he tried ice cream that led him to resort to pretend-licking. But, even though Bud didn't really eat his cone, you could tell that he loved the idea-- the process of the whole thing and being like his siblings. Even just partially participating made him happy. So, I always scooped him a cone.

A few weeks back, I posted about Bud's first soccer game. It was awesome! He was such a natural and did much better than I thought he would. He was in the middle of the pack, fighting for the ball, trying to make a play.

Well all that has changed. I think that the first game, like Bud's first taste of ice cream, was a bit of a shock to his system. I don't think Bud was expecting all of the pushing and body contact that comes with soccer-- especially in swarm ball.

As a result, Bud has resorted to pretend-soccer-playing. He's really good at it. Once again, just like with the ice cream, to the casual observer he seems like an active participant. But, in actuality, Bud is skirting the perimeter of the game, only taking part when the game sucks him in.

Here he is with an open opportunity at the ball:

But, instead of jumping at the chance to have his way with the little round orb, he steps back and lets the other players on the field have a go.

The good thing about the pretend-soccer-playing style that Bud has adopted is that I get a chance to take a lot of shots of him in action without other players getting in the way.

I have reason to be optimistic, however, that Bud's style of soccer play will change. As you can see from these next photos, Bud is now an active participant in ice-cream-cone-eating. He is no longer a pretender.

Although he still gets zinged by the cold on occasion.

At his game today, in fact, Bud did a little better at being involved in the game. I told him I'd buy him a H.otwheel if he kicked the ball 10 times during the game. I'm pretty sure he kept count in his head-- he got 10 kicks, and only 10 kicks. But, it worked! At least he got in there a little.

The thing is, that even if he doesn't really get in there and kick the ball or score a goal, I'll still sign him up for as long as he wants to play. Just like how I kept scooping him ice cream cones that I knew he probably wouldn't eat. I will let him do it because he loves it. The whole time he's out there he is smiling and happy, just enjoying being a part of the process. And maybe, just maybe, one day he'll start really licking kicking.