Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The Happy and the Sad

Wanting to make sure the kids felt great to start the new school year, I set up appointments for the kids (minus Big) to get their hair cut the day after we got back from the City of Parks. More-than-slightly-Wonder-Woman-obsessed Edith had been telling me that she wanted to get her hair cut like Wonder Woman, including dying it black, so when the stylist asked her how she wanted her hair I knew what her answer would be. Edith was super bummed when I told the stylist that we wouldn't be dying it black. Yup. I'm a dream crusher. 

Edith recovered pretty quickly from her disappointment, though, and seemed to really enjoy the experience.

Edith had a pretty good couple of days post-vacation. Not only did she get her hair cut like Wonder Woman (the cute blonde version), but she skunked me at Memory one morning…

…and got some fun rings from her Auntie Art. Lucky Duck.

A few days after we returned from our trip, we received the unfortunate news that Rophone's mom had passed away. The funeral was planned for over a week away, so we had a week to be at home, thinking about the trip ahead.

Edith colored this picture and when Big informed her that she colored Spiderman the wrong color she replied, "I know what color Spiderman is. This is SpiderWOMAN!" So awesome. I love that girl.

Although we were going on a trip for a sad reason, I wanted to make sure we had a little fun mixed in so they would have fond memories of the trip. We were excited to see family and to have one last adventure before school started. 

On the way, we stopped at a store to eat. I just had to snap this photo of Ginger and Pen (otherwise known as Larry and Darryl) as they ate, surrounded by alcoholic beverages. What can I say? All of the other seating was taken. 

The day after we arrived at Rophone's sister's house, he and his siblings spent most of the day going through stuff at his mom's house. I got to spend the day hanging out with the kids, and I took great pleasure in introducing the boys to one of my favorite games from growing up.

It looks like we have a purchase to make in the near future. They loved it. And, I'm pleased to report, I haven't lost my touch. Ha!

When Rophone returned from his mom's house, we headed over to my brother, Rib's, place for a barbecue and swimming. It was the perfect way to relax and decompress after our long day spent indoors. Plus, I think it was a nice break for Rophone after an emotionally draining day. My sister, Art, and her family had just moved down there that week, so they were there too. It was a lot of fun.

We were able to hang out with some good friends on Sunday, but forgot to take any pictures (bummer). It was another fun thing to make our trip more balanced. Next time, pictures for sure. Sunday evening we had a dinner with all of Rophone's family. Even though the reason for the gathering is a sad one, it was really so great to see everyone. 

The funeral for Rophone's mother was the next morning, and it was lovely.

The next day we made the long drive back home so we could prepare for the burial. Phew! At least we had perfect weather for the drive.

After the graveside service, we gathered with family for a picnic at a park. It was a super location, with a little creek for the kids to play in. Another great and fun memory to go along with the sad. Just what I was hoping for. It kept the kids occupied and allowed Rophone a chance to visit with his family. Perfect.

We spent the last few days before school started just hanging out, reading and doing relaxing things. Here, the boys are designing ocean liners while Edith colors. 

Big and I haven't made it out to video work trucks very often this summer since we're down to only one car, so I decided it was something we needed to do the day before school started. It ended up being the perfect end of the summer activity because of this:

Big was floored. What a great end to a great summer!


patti's place said...

Nice end to summer; fun to see re-cap!

jww said...

Sorry about Rophone's mom. I know what you mean about the sad occasion, but so great to see family. It puts so much in perspective and makes one grateful for eternal families. I've had that experience a couple of times over the last several years. Glad you were able to throw in some cool stuff, too! :)

Sue said...

I was sad about Mike's loss, but happy we got to see you guys again. I'm thrilled to see Edith enjoying the rings I brought :)