Wednesday, October 1, 2014

It's a Total Kick

Both Big and Ginger played soccer again this fall, but Ginger asked me not to take any photos of her, so this post will pretty much only feature Big. Ginger continues to play with the same team she's been with since 4th grade. It's a great group of girls and they have developed a super strong bond as a team. We love that the coach has made such an effort to keep them together. Ginger plays goalie for half of the game, which she loves to do, and plays on the field the second half of the game to keep up her footwork. It works great.

Big played on a 1st and 2nd grade team this season, but was one of only 2 second graders on the team. That made for a pretty small team compared to some of the others, but they still did great. Big loves to play in the goal, too, which just warms this old-goalie's heart. I think now we'll just move on to the picture phase of the post….

Big played really hard and had a great season. Good job, Big! Now this week we start basketball!


patti's place said...

I love to see him in action but miss not seeing his older sister. Maybe tell her you need just one for her Gram?

Sue said...

Great action shots! I love that they both like to play goalie! Also love the shin guards over the socks - must be a new style? Haha!

jww said...

Oh, that's great!! Love the photos. Sorry to miss them of Ginger... I know this "don't take pictures" thing all too well. With all our moving junk this year, we haven't done much above and beyond survival mode, things like piano lessons and soccer. I miss it!