Sunday, February 8, 2015

Ginger Groundhog is 14!

The best part of Groundhog's Day is definitely that we get to celebrate Ginger's birthday. I hate to say it, but the Groundhog gets pretty much ignored around here-- sorry, chump, no Groundhog's Day glory for you. 

Ginger is waaay cuter than Punxsutawney Phil, anyway, so it's to be expected. See?

I was super excited for the chance to use some of my cute new paper for the presents. I have a thing for wrapping paper.

We ate an absolutely delicious dinner of chicken burritos (thanks for requesting them, Ginger, they really hit the spot!) and then opened gifts. 

Ginger has really been getting into art lately, so this sketch book made her really happy.

The present that made her the happiest, though, is something that we hid until the very end-- a longboard! Ginger has been wanting one, and we're so glad we got it for her because she's been on it almost constantly since her birthday. Total score.

After the gifts, it was time to move on to the blowing out of the candles portion of our evening. Ginger didn't want a cake, so I made her the gluten free chocolate chip cookies she wanted and served it with her favorite salted caramel ice cream. She was happy.

It was such a great birthday, and we're really glad that Grandma and Grandpa Gorilla could join us for the celebration.

Happy Birthday, Ginger! We love you!

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jww said...

What a fun birthday!! She's such a great girl. I love the cookies and ice cream with candles in it. Rock on.