Tuesday, December 15, 2015

On Their Lists

It's that time of year again! I love seeing what the kids ask Santa to bring-- I think it really reveals their personalities. I tell the kids they should try to not be too greedy as they make their lists, but to make sure to give enough options for Santa to choose from. I'm too lazy to blur out their real names this time around, so don't stalk us, okay?

Edith wrote her list all by herself this year (with just a little help with spelling). Short and sweet. I love it. 

You can definitely tell where Big's interests lie when you look at his list. I'm happy there are still some Bruder requests-- it would seem weird and wrong if there weren't. And, yes, there's pizza all over his list. That seems pretty fitting, too. I really love the effort he made with the block lettering. 

Bud's list really shows how he's turning tween. The abyss between kid and teen can be a tough one to straddle, but he does pretty well. I love the notes he added to his request for socks-- first using parentheses, then brackets, then braces. He gave Santa some great things to choose from, that's for sure. 

Ginger kept hers pretty short and sweet. Just like her. Ha! Ginger knows who she is and what she wants, except when it comes to shoes and boots, apparently. Santa might make her figure that one out on her own after she earns a bit more babysitting money. :)

Pen's list, even more so than Bud's, is a clear indicator of the duality that exists within-- for Pen it's part teen, part adult. I still can't believe she's a senior this year. I guess next year she'll have to email her list from afar. I love #7 on her list-- she put a blouse into the laundry with no special instructions, so I washed it and dried it with the rest of the load. Now she knows that if she doesn't want her size M women's shirt to end up about a girls' size 10, she should wash it herself. Oops.

I just love seeing how the kids' lists evolve as they get older. They all contain a bunch of stuff consistent with the children I know, a few emerging things that I'm excited to become acquainted with, and maybe just a teeny glimpse of who they'll be in the future in there, too. It makes me excited to see how they continue to grow and change as time goes by. Who knew Christmas lists could reveal so much?


patti's place said...

Love it! Good luck to Santa!

alisajeaniepete said...

Surprised and happy to see NYC at the top of Kate's list! So fun. Thanks for sharing.

jww said...

Very interesting lists. They always are. I love Pen's The Economis/NY Times. Not very many high schoolers asking for that from Santa, I'm guessing. Ginger's fuzzy stuff again reminded me of Belinda. She LOVES all things soft and fuzzy. She asks for fuzzy blankets or pillows (or socks, or whatever) EVERY year even though she has approximately one gazillion. Can't have too much soft & fuzzy, I guess! :)