Sunday, January 10, 2016

Christmas :)

It can get pretty tough to think of post titles year after year, so I asked Ginger what I should call this post. She replied, "Christmas." Way to be creative, Ginger. Then Bud walked into the room and I asked him what I should call the post. He said, "Christmas." Whatever.

We slept in on Christmas morning as we always do, and then my mom came over at about 9 am to join us for our traditional Christmas morning breakfast of bran muffins and cheesy scrambled eggs. Delectable, as usual. 

The three youngest really got into dressing up for Christmas morning this year, so I had them pose for a quick photo before we lined up to see what Santa brought. So cute. 

Then it was time to line up by age to see what Santa dropped off on his way around the world. 

I love that Edith always seems so uncertain as she goes out to find her stocking. It's almost like she can't believe it's really happening, like she expects someone to tell her it's all a joke at any minute. One of these days I hope she'll learn to let go and just really let herself enjoy the moment. 

Plus, she looks dead on her feet. I don't think she slept much the previous night.

I didn't get a picture of Big opening his present from Santa, but he got the exact truck with a trailer and hay bales that he was hoping for. It doesn't get much better than that. 

That grandma! She's such a crack up.

Not that you can tell from how restrained she's being here, but Edith was actually super excited to receive these socks. She gave them a hug and a kiss. Off camera, of course.

It looks like Rophone may be more excited than just about anyone! 

Bud asked for some animals he could use in his stop motion videos-- so glad Santa came through. 

I kinda want to steal this beanie Santa gave to Ginger. Okay, not just kinda. It's super cute and I want it!

I didn't take any more pictures of the present opening, but I do have a photo of the kind of stuff that happens when there's a lull in the present opening...

I love my family! Ha!

We are so glad my mom could join us for our nice, quiet Christmas. It was just the way we like it. Plus, we knew in a few more days it wouldn't be so quiet anymore...

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jww said...

That is SO FUN!!! Cutest pictures.