Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Sneaky Easter

Easter really snuck up on us this year. I feel like I say that about every holiday, but it's especially true of Easter when it falls in March. I don't even really have enough time to get over feeling violated by the leprechauns. 

As usual, we dyed eggs the day before. Pen decided to go to a color festival instead, so no fancy, artistic eggs from her this year. The rest of us did a great job, though!

The next morning, after our traditional bran muffins and cheesy scrambled eggs, it was time to see what the Easter Bunny brought!

Each kid got one item of clothing and a candy bar in their basket. Way to keep it fair, E.B.!

After we checked out our baskets, it was time for the hunt! As usual, each kid was assigned an egg color to find (8 eggs each). This Easter stuff sure is a lot easier now that E.B. came up with a system! 

Ginger notoriously has a bit of a hard time finding her eggs, so she was super stoked to see an egg in a tree right as she walked out the door. She ran to the tree and nabbed it with gusto! I captured this hilarious photo of her in action. Cracks me up.

Pen checked the mailbox for an egg, but found forgotten mail instead. Tricky, E.B.!

Bud ran all around, finding eggs pretty easily. All except the one you can see up on the window ledge. That one, just above his sight-line, proved to be his nemesis.

I posted this next photo because I think that Bud and the tree kind of look alike.

Once again, EB underestimated how good Big is at finding eggs (see him waiting in the background?). One of these years he'll get it right. 

I don't think that Big really minds finishing way ahead of everyone else, though. 

It seems to make him feel like a winner. Ha!

Ginger seems to be having trouble finding egg #8. Don't give up, Ginger!

Ah, finally! Egg #8 for Bud.

You can see that he's laughing at himself a bit. He only walked by there a gazillion times. Finally someone suggested that maybe he look UP. 

Pen forgot that one of her eggs was smaller in size, but she eventually found #8, too.

My handsome honey.

What a fun hunt! Just a quick photo of the kids before I let the younger ones hide the eggs over and over again for each other. I'm not sure what Kate's schedule will be for school next year, but it's weird to think that this may be the last Easter photo with all of the kids for a while. 

Cutie pies. I sure do love them.


jww said...

SO fun!! Great photos! I love how E.B. hid eggs for Ginger so that she could find them.

Sue said...

I love that group of kids!