Friday, June 5, 2009

Big Reasoning

Big has reached the age (and the verbal skill) where he is attempting to reason with me. Verbal battles with a 2 year old. Wahoo. He clearly thinks he is right most of the time, but if he realizes he was in the wrong he plays dumb. The oh-I-didn't-realize-that-was-the-rule card. Let me just give you a few examples from my day today...

While the boys were eating lunch, I attempted to talk to Rophone on the phone for a few minutes. As I was doing so, Big dumped some of his lime-aid on the table and began to slap it with his hands while yelling, "Bam! BAM!", sending a lime-aid spray everywhere. Here's how our conversation went:

Me: "Big, Big! We don't spill our drink and then slap it!"

Big: "But I said 'BAM!', Mom"

Me: "Yeah, you said 'BAM!', but it doesn't matter! You still don't do it!"

Big: (obviously still not getting the point) "But I said 'BAM!'"

What is it with boys thinking that sound effects make everything great?!?.... Not great!!

I wiped up the mess on the table and on Big, and as I turned to rinse out the rag at the sink, Big grabbed a crayon and wrote on the table.

Me: "BIG! What are you doing?! You don't write on the table!"

Big: "But don't you see that I wrote a 'T'?"

Me: "Sure. Nice 'T', Big. But you don't write on the table!!"

Big: "But I wrote a 'T'"

Me: "Only on paper, Big. Only on paper." (Like I haven't said that before.)

I finally resorted to taking Big outside to play basketball. They're tearing up our street to replace pipe, so there was a lot to watch in between shots. It kept him pretty well occupied, thank goodness!

After a few hours outside, I figured we'd be okay to go back in and was praying for a minimum of mischievousness on Big's part. But, after dinner, Ginger came in to announce that Big had used colored pencil on Bud's bedroom wall (in the same place he drew a few weeks ago!).

When Big came into the room, it went something like this--

Rophone: "Big! You DO NOT write on the wall!"

Big: (blank stare... crickets chirping....)

Rophone: "Writing on the wall is a no-no!"

Big: (blank stare.... wind whistling.....)

Me: "We only write on paper, Big."

Big: "Oh. Only on paper?" (like he's never heard that before!)

He knows when it's smart to play dumb, that's for sure. This should be interesting.


Lisa Marie said...

Ha! That's great [or maybe not]. They learn that whole "play dumb" act waaaaaaay to early in life!

jwise said...

I would say that's hilarious, but we both know it's kinda not. So frustrating. But it's good you wrote it down because it WILL be hilarious about 10 years from now. :)

janeannechovy said...

"BAM!"? Who does he think he is, Emeril Lagasse?

Cindy Lou doesn't try to argue her way out of stuff yet, just giggles and/or runs away. But I can tell it's coming as she gets more verbal. Lovely.

PhatNat said...

My mom's parenting experience has lead to the theory that the kind of two year old is the kind of teenager he will be. Bam-Good luck! :)