Wednesday, October 7, 2009

An Afternoon with the Boys

I spent the afternoon playing outside with the boys today. Big and I shot baskets...

...while Bud rode around us on his bike.

I know that you're so surprised that I took pictures of the process.

I love this shot of Big trying to grab the ball that rolled through his legs:

At one point, Big passed me the ball ("I'm gonna throw you a bounce pass, Mom.") and told me he wanted me to shoot so he could get the assist. Yes, he's two. And, yes, he understands the assist thing. Weird, I know. (But so awesome!)

When I caught the pass I immediately took the shot. 

A total air ball.

In shock, I said to the boys, "Your mom just shot a total air ball!" 

To which Bud replied, "It wasn't a total air ball, Mom. It hit a leaf when it bounced on the ground!"

Thanks, Bud. 

He's 4, you know.

A few minutes later, Big accidentally looked into the sun and exclaimed, "Ahhhh! The sun just poked me in the eye!"

Gotta love my boys.


jwise said...

Oh, I love it!! What a sweet afternoon. My favorite pic, too, is the one of Big trying to catch the ball after it had rolled through his legs. It's so cute!

sueandelin said...

They are hilarious! I love em.