Monday, August 30, 2010

Bud's Favorites

It's amazing how doing the photo challenge has continued to benefit me. Bud starts kindergarten tomorrow (I can hardly believe it!), and one of the activities they'll be doing this week is creating a page of their favorite things. It was so easy to just take a look through my gazillion photos to find shots of the things he loves. It's almost like having my own stock photos to pick from! 

I easily found a picture of a Hot Wheels car, Bud at the beach (his favorite place), Bud swinging, playing with Trio... the only thing I lacked was a photo of his favorite meal, and he really wanted to include it on his page. So, I whipped up a pot pie tonight and snapped a photo as we ate. Problem solved. 

I really don't think that any of us minded having to solve the dilemma. 

I can't wait for Bud to go to school tomorrow-- he is so excited. I'll let you know how it goes!


Anonymous said...

Hope Bud has a great day.



Tamsen said...

Suddenly I'm very hungry... YUM!

carmar76 said...

Yeah, that pot pie just keeps looking better & better every time I see it! I LOL'd at the stock photo line. It's so true, tho! Btw, I'm about due for more postcards... I shall be pouring through your FB album again soon... : ) If you don't mind?!

Hope Bud has an awesome time at school!

The Laundry Queen said...

Of course I don't mind, Carrie Marie! Let me know which you'd like.

SassyMama said...

I need that recipe...

The Laundry Queen said...

Well, Sassy-- I use the recipe in the Better Homes and Gardens New Cook Book for the sauce part, but then add the ingredients I want (no measurements, sorry, I just eyeball it). In this pot pie I had 2 chicken breasts, cubed (salted and peppered and baked while I do the rest), 4 small golden potatoes, 1 sweet potato, 3 big carrots from the garden, and a little over half a bag of petite peas.

I dice the carrots, sweet potato and potatoes before I cook them in salted water--that way they'll be done faster (and dicing up hot veggies is hard!). I always just stir the peas in frozen with the other warm ingredients before adding to the pie shell.

Anyway, it's quite good. If you don't have the cookbook let me know (didn't we all get it for our weddings during that era?) and I'll send you the recipe for the saucy part.

jww said...

That really is cool to have your own stash of great pictures about him and what he likes. That's pretty neat! Lucky kid(s). :)