Saturday, August 21, 2010

A Dream Job

It's been a while. I really haven't known what to say. Big has been having a really hard time being 3, and I've been having a hard time with Big having a hard time with three. He's frustrated, to say the least. The poor kid is an adult stuck in a kids body. 

I think the happiest day of Big's life so far was when he got to be in our friend's movie-- he felt like an adult hanging out with other adults, just as it should be. He loves his peeps. I know I've said it before, but the guy just needs a job. 

Big is constantly talking about the construction business he's going to own someday and assigns us work vehicles we're going to get to drive. On the days the two of us are struggling, he lets me know that all I'm going to get to drive is something little, like a mini-loader. On good days, when he likes me, he tells me that the full-size excavator is all mine. A dream come true.

He always likes Ginger. They're pals. Yesterday Big said to her, "Ginger, when I have my construction business, you can drive an impact hammer!" as though he were bestowing on her the best thing she could ever hope for. She replied, "Thanks, Big! (and then under her breath) Whatever that is."

I'm really hoping that things between Big and me will get better. I need them to. Right now I feel like I'm on a one-way trip to crazy. I want Big to tell me that I get to drive an impact hammer! That would make my day.

Oh, in other news-- I showed Pen how to shave her legs tonight. I promised her I'd let her do it for middle school, and school starts next week. Ginger watched every stroke of the razor, so when it comes time for her to mow her own she should be an expert. 

Rophone is having a hard time with the whole thing. More so than with the boobs Pen's getting (and Ginger, too!). Not me. The hair she's had all her life. The boobs are new. Yikes! 

Pray for us. 


mk said...

Love it. Glad you're blogging again. And today was fun. :)

janeannechovy said...

You're going to start wanting Pen to have her nose in a book even more. :) Certainly kept me out of trouble as I went through those parlous years!

jww said...

I don't get why it's even possible for things to be bad between kids and parents (especially moms like me who take our jobs so seriously and who take it really hard when things with kids are difficult). So I know where you're coming from with the Big thing. I, too, have one who really should be an adult and has a hard time being "forced" to be a kid. I just keep hope that eventually they will offer us the impact hammer.