Sunday, October 6, 2013

Suckers for Soccer

Yes, it's true. We happen to love soccer around here. Ginger and Big are the only two who played this time around, but Bud is happy to be rock climbing. Edith can hardly wait until it's her turn, that's for sure. I'm just going to let the pictures speak for themselves. I know I can tend to be long-winded, but I mean it. For real.

I will say this, though-- I love that both of them love to play goalie. 

(And, yes, the team they played was a very similar color. Thank goodness for a sock difference.)

And now it's Ginger's turn...

I'm going to see if I get a chance to capture more photos of Ginger since her season is still going on. I tried taking pictures of her the half she played in the goal, but she was a little too aware of my camera, so I stopped. I sure do love to watch my kids play. Next up: basketball!


patti's place said...

Never a dull moment! Play away!

jww said...

So fun!!! Great photos!!! :) I know what you mean--I love watching my kids play, too.

Tamsen said...

Both kids are looking so grown up! Love the color of that grass :)