Tuesday, October 29, 2013

What's Up, Buttercup?

The kids all love playing games, especially when their Dad gets in on the action. I love these pictures I took of Rophone playing 'Clue' with the three youngest the other day. It's so cute the way Edith is marking everything off on her paper (and even won the game with help from her dad!).

Then I joined them to play a game of 'Doodle Dice'. I got totally skunked. It sure was fun, though.

Edith loves going to the park and I'm a pushover, so we went to the park again. I pushed her on the swing while she finished her string cheese and she crowed, "I love swinging! I'm going to swing forever!" It sure does feel like it sometimes. Hopefully she'll learn to pump at an early age. I'm willing to push her until then, though, because she loves it so much. It'll help keep my arms nice and toned. 

It makes me so happy when my kids play together nicely because I know they're developing bonds of friendship and memories that they'll be able to look back on fondly when they're older. That's one of the reasons I take so many pictures and keep this blog, so the kids will be able to look back and more easily remember the fun they had together (especially if someday they aren't getting along so well). Bud helped Edith dress up in some of his stuff the other day and they had an absolute blast together. You can just see by the look on Edith's face that she is so happy he took the time to be with her and make her feel special. So cute.

I have been trying to get Edith to let me do her hair in pigtail braids for a while now, but for some reason she has been resistant to the idea. Maybe they just didn't sound cute or something. I finally got her to agree to try them out and when I was finished doing her hair she ran to the mirror to see how they looked. She came running back with a huge grin on her face and said, "They're great, Momma!" Yup. They really are. Cute stuff.

Edith started 'planking' on stuff for some reason that day. Then I told her it was kind of passé and she stopped. 

I let Edith edit a picture I took of us on our hike last week. I had to laugh that she insisted on the bluish tinged effect since she was wearing a blue shirt, two-toned blue striped leggings, blue socks with pink polka dots, and blue and orange sneakers. Her love affair with blue continues...

I sat down for a moment after our hike and my shoelaces were chip-clipped. Thank goodness Edith didn't chip-clip the laces together or I really would have been in trouble. Edith has a bit of a thing for chip clips right now, too. Especially the blue one when she can get her hands on it.

I got the three youngest set up doing a painting project on Saturday. Bud has been wanting to paint a recipe holder he made for me, so I stopped putting him off and found a few rocks for the other two to paint. They had a ton of fun.

I think my favorite part is that Big painted himself (the big head on the right) and when I asked him who the other smaller rock was he told me that it's his wife. He said he doesn't know who she is yet, but someday he'll meet her and it will be the girl on his rock. I'm totally stashing that rock away to give to her when that day comes. I love that kid's mind (when it's not driving me crazy!).

I joined in at the end and painted a rock, too. I love the colors. I'd love to try again sometime, but I'll definitely make sure the paints are fresh when I do.

Rophone let the boys text me using his account on Sunday. I know they made some unrealistic promises, but they've been making an effort. Just knowing that they'd like to be the best kids they can for me means a lot. I sure do love my boys.

Okay. Now I'm ready for Halloween to come. I think.


Tamsen said...

Love the rock for the (future) 'Mrs.' and that cute text. So excited to see you all in a few weeks! :)

patti's place said...

I love how you work with my grandchildren, providing them such varied activities and experiences. You are a great mom.