Sunday, December 22, 2013

Gearing Up

It's hard to believe it, but Christmas is going to be here in just a few days. I figure I need to do a quick recap on our lives as of late before I have to cover our Christmas celebrations. I just know that if I get behind I'll be toast.

We got home from our Thanksgiving trip to Arizona and not long after were gifted with this:

Perfectly fine with me. Although, the snow was really heavy and I'm pretty sure I strained a few things while I was shoveling. It made the warmth of the week before even more appreciated, but also made the snow more fun because it was such a change. Plus, it covered up the unlovely brown we are surrounded by around here during the winter. Snow is most welcome. The kids were happy to help shovel and play (and they look so darn cute in their snow clothes!).

We also took the time to put up our Christmas decorations and snuggle up to read our fun Christmas books. I love this time of year.

There were more trips to the orthodontist than usual over the past few weeks. When I was by myself you get this:

Luckily, I had a charming companion to photograph the next time around.

I spend a lot of quality time with Edith, of course, and usually one of her companions joins us in whatever we're doing. On this day, Ernie sat with us while we ate lunch. When I asked Edith if I could take a picture of her with Ernie she said, "Ernie?" and gave a little chuckle. "I thought it was Jason." 

Edith and I went to see the boys in their Christmas concert a few days ago. For the first time in about a gazillion years we only had to go to one program. So nice. A Christmas miracle, for sure. It's necessary to get there early because seating for the programs is always a little cutthroat, so we had some time to kill before it started.

The Christmas program was great. Big was very aware of where I was with my camera, not that you can probably tell. Ha! 

I tried to get more pictures of him singing, but most of the first graders' songs had so many actions that they came out too blurry. 

Bud was very aware of where my camera was, too, but he opted to go the playing-it-cool route. I had the hardest time getting good pictures of him because he was right behind his teacher as she led the music if I tried from one side and behind two ginormous heads in the audience and the tall girl in front of him when I tried from the other. People who sit behind me must be so grateful my head is small…

I sure do love my boys.

Yesterday we went to the huge Christmas party put on every year by Rophone's side of the family. It was a ton of fun. Big finally sat on Santa's lap this year (the same age that Bud also got over his fear) and Edith wouldn't let me touch her or talk to her for about 2 hours after I took her within a few feet of him. I guess she wanted me to leave her somewhere far away when I asked Santa for the candy cane she wanted. My bad.

After ages and ages of not seeing them, we finally got together with my sister, Art, and her family last night. We had them down for dinner and it was so fun. Art made me a Christmas gift (even though she didn't have my name) which I absolutely love. It's so, so cool. 

I love how it has an 'M' on it for our last name and that it's an original work of art. I know I'll be the only one that has one. Thanks again, Art!

Today Rophone and I are celebrating our 19th anniversary. Wow. I love that man so much. He still makes me smile, makes me swoon, and makes me proud to be his wife. I can't wait to see what the next 19+ years brings. 

Now, Christmas can come.


patti's place said...

It's always fun to see your recap of family adventures. Is Soup also Auntie Art, or has there been a name change? Have a wonderful time finishing up and getting prepared for Christmas! Love you!

jww said...

I just love the pictures of the concerts--I NEVER get good ones. The lighting is SO awful. Yours were great, and I have to say I LOVE the ones of Big looking at you and grinning. So stinkin cute. And what a cool plate, too!! :) "I thought it was Jason" was just too much. She is hilarious.