Thursday, December 12, 2013

The Christmas Lists!

Yup. It's time for one of my favorite posts of the year. Time to showcase the kids' Christmas lists. You will notice that Pen didn't make a list this year. These days she's feeling pretty skeptical about most things in life, I'd say, and said she "..didn't see the point." in making any requests. Okay then. The other 4 kids were happy to jot down a few items for consideration. 

I always remind the kids that they will most likely receive the standard "One thing they want, one thing they need, one thing to wear, one thing to read" (with exceptions made for books and clothes if they need a bunch of stuff), but I encourage them to kind of go for it with their lists. It's important for Santa (and parents) to have a lot of options.

Edith still seemed concerned about appearing too greedy, though, so she kept her list simple. She dictated each item to me and then announced she was done. No dragging things out or changing her mind. That girl knows what she wants.

She used the other side to test colors. Edith is pretty particular about what shades of color she'll use in her art. I had to write the list in blue because her favorite color is was blue. Last night she said it was green and today it's red. Hopefully she'll still be happy if she gets a blue sweater. 

Big wrote his list in letter form and it's a bit tough to follow. He realized that and wanted to rewrite it, but I love it so much that I wouldn't let him. I reassured him that it was perfect. It's just so him, and I think it's the first year he has written it all on his own without asking me how to spell anything. I can translate if anyone has questions.

I just really love Big's spelling of 'duct tape' and how he announces the end of his list. I think it means he would love to receive all 8 or just 5 things from his list, but since 8 is listed first he'd probably prefer that. I just love that he went for it and wasn't afraid to make mistakes. He's definitely becoming more confident in his writing.

Bud's list is so great this year. It ranges from the practical like "shirts" to the no-way-in-hell like the iPhone 5s. I love that he thinks of others with #10 (it seems that our family members have been trading off being sick way too much this fall) and with #9 (it's nice that he thought of others, but a HOUSE??). My favorite is #11, though, because I know he's totally serious. We have a green smoothie for breakfast pretty much every morning, but I know he'd like them for snacks, too. It makes me smile.

Ginger really went for the moon with her list. 

The list is so her. Number seven is meant as a joke, mostly, unless her blood sugar is low. Not too much teenage angst with Ginger yet. (Knock on wood) I'm kind of hoping she'll get the unicorn instead of the one-piece Superman jammies, but you know how Santa can be.

I love my kids and I love how their lists (or lack of one) really show their personalities. I can't wait to see what Santa brings from their lists!


janeannechovy said...

One of my favorite posts, too! I love them all so much. Big's is really impressively composed, and I didn't have any trouble deciphering it at all, so you shouldn't worry about whether Santa will be able to read it. I smiled at the iPhone 5s, and guffawed at the apartment. SO Ginger. I think she's definitely more of an introvert than some of your other children. :) Where is Seymour Street?

patti's place said...

Their lists are great and I am amazed that there are no Bruder items on Bigs. Good luck with it all!.

jww said...

They really do show their personalities--that is so fun to read. You know which kid in my fam would ask for his own apartment. And most of the time, I really do wish I could give it to him. He'd just be so much happier. :) It will be interesting to see which of these items end up under the tree.... I can't wait. :)