Friday, January 24, 2014

Finding Normal

I don't know what it was about break this year, but I had a really hard time feeling like I could get back into my routine when it was over. Maybe because the break was so long it made going back more of a shock. But, eventually, we started to find normal again. 

A lot of our normal is doing stuff that we enjoyed during break, too-- reading books…

..doing puzzles together…

..and shoveling snow. Edith does a really good job, but both of us were really missing Big. No one has the same love of (or stamina for) shoveling that Big has. 

The back-to-normal of it all is that it's just the two of us doing it together. Edith really misses having other kids around during the day to do things with. It sure is quiet around here.

Part of our normal, of course, is taking trips to the bread store. They know us (and think that Edith is the cutest) so we always score a nice big sample. I think the chocolate cherry bread might just be her new favorite.

I knew we were headed for a long stretch of bad air, so I made sure to get Edith out one afternoon. I thought she would want to go for a tricycle ride but she really wanted to take her new stroller out for a spin. As is typical, once you mention you're going out EVERYONE wants to go, so Edith loaded her stroller up with 4 baby dolls, a puppy dog, a horse, a bunny, and a hedgehog. We don't get to get outside much in the winter around here, what with the frequent bad air, so it was lovely to be out. We walked and walked and walked.

We are trying to add a few new things to our normal, too. I really like this new recipe. The whole family likes it, in fact, which definitely means it will become a new part of our normal.

Rophone has also started having family band practice/jam sessions with the kids. A huge hit. It makes me smile. So big. Edith got so into it that she gave herself a blister on her finger and tore it off. That's some vigorous strumming. I hope we keep it up, because it's awesome.

Christmas break was a lot of fun, but the normal isn't too bad, either. I can't wait for more normal tomorrow!


jww said...

Oh, how totally fun!!!

Sue said...

So much fun! I love the family band, how awesome!