Sunday, February 2, 2014

Sledding Together

I totally forgot about these pictures I took of Edith and Big sledding together in the back yard on the day after Christmas. They were so cute together that I just have to post about it. We only have one saucer sled left (all the others went to sled heaven), and Big was such a good brother to take turns and help his sister learn the ropes. 

Even though Edith couldn't seem to manage to stay upright in the saucer, she was having a blast sledding with her brother.

Big waited patiently for her to take her turn before taking his own…

…and then helped his sister again. Over and over.

His turn.

Her turn.

I could tell that helping his sister so patiently was making him feel really good inside. 

And when Edith finally managed to stay upright as she went down the hill…

…his smile was just as big as hers was. 

Thanks for being such a great brother, Big! 


Tamsen said...

Super cute photos!

patti's place said...

Super cute series of photos. You capture them perfectly. Loved it!

jww said...

OH!!!!!! I love this!!! <3

Sue said...

These pictures are SO GOOD! I was totally smiling myself, looking at them. :)