Sunday, July 13, 2014

How It Is

We've been a little less adventurous than I'd hoped to be this summer, but we've done a few things since I last posted. My mouth took longer than anticipated to heal, which made me feel like I wanted to be lazy, but it was feeling much better just in time to take the kids on a hike with my sister, Art, (and her family) the day before my birthday. It was  fun to try a new hike and it ended up being a super pleasant morning. I really enjoy hanging out with my sister. Pen was super bummed she couldn't go because of dance camp. We missed having her along.

The next day was my birthday. I still can't believe it has come and gone already! I got to sleep in, and by the time I awoke Pen was at dance camp, Ginger was gone babysitting and Bud was rock climbing. So, Rophone enlisted Big and Edith's help to make me breakfast in bed. It was delicious. 

While I was eating my breakfast and showering, Rophone took his two helpers to the party store to buy me balloons and a birthday banner. It all made me feel so special.

I haven't had such a relaxing morning in a long time. It was absolutely lovely. We picked Pen up from dance camp and headed to lunch. Ginger was still babysitting and had to miss out, but we figured the money she was earning would make up for it. :) It was a really fun and nummy lunch.

I spent some time reading in the afternoon-- it was heavenly. Then, in the later afternoon my sister, Art, and my brother, Rib, arrived with their families. I was so glad Rib was in town and could come help me celebrate. Having two of my siblings here was the perfect capper to one of the most relaxing and wonderful birthdays I can remember. 

The kids played so well together, too. I'm glad my birthday gave them an opportunity to see each other. Cutie pies.

A seriously great birthday. 

I've managed to take the kids swimming at our neighbor's house a few times. So nice to have a generous pool-owner next door. The kids are really enjoying being able to swim more often. 

Edith learned how to pump on the swing (Yesssss!) and has become a swinging addict. The first few days after she learned, she swung for hours on end. At the end of the first day, when I called Edith in for bed, she got off the swing and began walking stiffly toward the house saying, "My arms hurt….and my legs hurt, too! What's wrong with me??" It made me laugh that she had swung long enough to make herself that sore. She seems to have built up her swinging muscles now, though. If she can get someone to swing with her she's in heaven.

Last week we went to watch our local NBA team practice. I didn't get the girls in the picture because they were gone for an eternity trying to buy some water bottles. Thanks for doing the water run, girls! I love this photo because I said, "Look at me and smile!" 

Close enough. Ha!

I guess it has been a pretty fun month since I last posted. Fun enough, hopefully, that the kids don't feel gypped. We've gone to the library a few times, too, which is a pretty awesome part of summer, I think. Let's see what kind of action I can drum up for the next few weeks. 


Tamsen said...

Cute photos! So glad we could be with you on your special day.

jww said...

What a GREAT birthday. I love the "happy birthday, Princess" balloon. Sweet. :) And Tillamook yogurt for breakfast!! We are so happy to be back in the land of Tillamook, I can't even tell you!! :) The hiking, swimming, and bkball game look so fun. What a great summer.

Sue said...

Such fun stuff! I'm so glad your birthday was great this year and glad we could be there for part of it!