Thursday, June 19, 2014

And a Bag of Chips

We celebrated Father's Day last Sunday. Let me tell you, Rophone really is all that and a bag of chips, so we were happy to do whatever we could to make him feel special. Rophone had to work in the morning, which was a bummer, and the kids seemed to have lost their boarding passes for the helpful and nice train, but I think they were just anxious to get to the part where Rophone got to open his cards and gifts. So, let's skip right to the fun part, shall we?

Big gave his card and little gift to Rophone first. You could tell he was excited to see him open it. 

Next up was Bud. He was pretty happy to give Rophone the card he had made, too.

Edith was pretty sad that she hadn't made a card for her dad, but then she realized that singing a few selections from Frozen was a good alternative. How I wish she would let me record her. It's the best.

A few recent play dates at the neighbor's house have put Barbies on Edith's radar, so she was really hoping that one of the presents contained a Barbie. Rophone promised her that if a Barbie was in any of the boxes, she could have it. Boy, was she excited! She tore into the first Barbie-sized-ish box with gusto. 

When she got the package open and saw that it was a water bottle she said with dismay, "Awwww. I really thought it was a Barbie!" She continued to be disappointed, the poor kid.

Each time the excitement would build… then, nope! At least she took it well.

The kids were all super excited to see Rophone open the shirt they made for him. Edith, too, even though it wasn't a Barbie. I think I should have printed the phrase "Real Men Wear Unicorns" on it. Maybe next time. 

Like the good dad he is, Rophone put it on and wore it the rest of the day. Doesn't he look handsome?

I made a salmon dinner that really hit the spot to top our day off. It was fun to show Rophone how much we love and appreciate him. He definitely makes our lives better. We love you, Rophone!


patti's place said...

Nice celebration of a good man's birth!

jww said...

I love it!! I think "real men wear unicorns" belongs on the back like a team logo. Sweet.

Sue said...

That shirt is awesome! And Edith is so cute hoping for a Barbie :)