Friday, December 12, 2014

It's on the List

Time for one of my favorite posts of the year again! When we got back from our Thanksgiving trip we had the kids sit to make their Christmas lists. Some items on their lists were totally expected, some not so much. 

Okay, Edith's list was totally predictable: Wonder Woman, My Little Ponies, and Frozen, you say?? Hard to believe, right? Ha!

It's apparent that Big got online before making his list. No Bruder this year, but lots of other specific items. His interests are definitely changing and expanding. He still likes construction, but more to watch it rather than play. Playing with their Hot Wheels on tracks is the new passion for all three youngest. I say, hey, whatever keeps them occupied. :)

Bud's list is great. He's on the verge of straddling that kid/tween line and you can tell. I love how he left #6 vague so as to cover any and all existing cool stuff. And I like how with #9 you can tell he was aware that a $50 iTunes gift card is most likely a pipe dream. I'm proud of him for shooting for the stars, but it's a good thing he's willing to settle for any amount. Ha! Music is this kid's life-- he knows all the new releases that are coming out every week and can spout off facts like you wouldn't believe. I hope he can use his passion someday.

Ginger's list is getting older in theme, but still has something cooking related on it, of course. She still loves to cook-- right now she has her sights set on owning a sandwich shop someday. On a side note: I'm still kind of struggling with the fact that high-waisted light wash skinny jeans are back in...

I love Pen's list this year-- such a one-eighty from what she's been doing (which is no list at all). Pen is always a pretty tough one to buy for, so having everything spelled out so clearly for Santa (and us!) makes things a lot easier. And I love her note at the end-- she really tries hard to be mindful. It's great.

As always, I love how their lists are such an illustration of where the kids are at in their interests and ages. You can tell that the 4 younger kids did a bunch of scooter riding while we were in Arizona for Thanksgiving. It doesn't seem to make much sense to acquire scooters in the middle of winter here, but I guess we'll see what Santa does. Thank heavens there are do-overs when birthdays come around. 

I can't wait to see what everyone gets! Merry Christmas!


patti's place said...

Yes, it will be interesting to what an all-knowing, wise Santa chooses to deliver. Wishing him the best!

jww said...

That's super cool. What neat lists, showing their personalities and interests so well. I love how Bud has a copyright sign by each item (like Monopoly) that's copyrighted. And skinny jeans.... Okay, I have to tell you the funniest story about skinny jeans. So my husband doesn't throw anything away until it is falling apart. No--until it cannot fall apart any more. He has some jeans from *college*. Seriously. He doesn't wear them a lot because they're white, but periodically he does. (Still fitting in something you wore in college is a whole nother story.) Anyway, a few years ago he wore them to a YM activity (he was YM pres), and one of the kids looked at him said, "Brother Wise.... Are those skinny jeans??!" Um, no, technically they're 1989 jeans, but whatever. I'm still laughing.