Friday, January 2, 2015

New Year's Eve

We haven't really done much to celebrate New Year's Eve in the past, but in keeping with our new conviction to make events more special we made this year a little more of an event. Not much more, but a little. I forgot the noisemakers, but at least we had food and games!

The evening started out with some Love Train and candied almonds. Edith was so excited to be able to stay up late and join in the party.

As it neared 9:00 and Edith couldn't stop yawning, we quickly cleaned up the game and I served the traditional cheese and cracker snack. Five kinds of delicious cheese with salami, pickles, and apple slices? Now we're talking! 

After we yelled Happy New Year and made a sparkling cider toast, we shuttled an exhausted Edith off to bed. Then I was able to play all three of my handsome boys in some games of Rack-o. So much fun. They really are great company.

We celebrated the (eastern time) New Year again at 10:00 and got the boys off to bed. One of these days, when they actually sleep in after staying up late, they'll get to finish out the night. 

Once the boys were down, Pen and Ginger settled in to watch a movie in the basement and Rophone and I relaxed together upstairs. I think our simple New Year's Eve was the perfect combination of celebration and relaxation. Happy New Year, everyone!


jww said...

Fun!! We always do appetizers all night and games, movies, etc. I love it. So fun. I love how you celebrated in shifts depending on who was tired.

CarrieMarie said...

this sound like a great time - i am of a mind that any time there's cheese involved, it's a great time. *grin* also - RACKO!!!! that game is still so much fun!! : )
happy new year!