Friday, January 2, 2015

Twenty Years and Still in Love

More in love, in fact! Different in love, that's for sure. It's amazing how love changes over the years, aging and maturing like a fine wine or cheese until there's a depth to it that wasn't there at the beginning. Speaking of the beginning…

Having our anniversary so near Christmas means that Rophone and I don't usually have the money or the time to do much to celebrate. We've been trying really hard this year to celebrate the people and occasions in our lives more, to appreciate them the way they deserve. Not with anything too big or over the top, but by doing just enough to acknowledge that they're special.

So, Rophone and I decided to show the kids that 20 years of marriage is a big deal (very special!), by putting ourselves first and going on an overnight getaway. The kids watched each other for 24 hours and didn't kill or maim one another, so I think we may have to do it more! The dawn of a new and wonderful age is upon us. Yesssss!

We left to go up to the big city just before lunch on the Sunday (the day before our anniversary). We didn't really have any grand plans, just excitement in our hearts about not having to feed kids or attend to any of their other needs for a while. So, there isn't anything really fantastic to report about our getaway, other than the fact that Rophone is still my favorite person to be with. Having more than 24 hours to just focus on being with him with no interruptions was fabulous. See how much fun we're having? 

We went to some fun stores (and got the last minute Christmas shopping done), ate some great food, and just enjoyed being together. The best.

Something we always try to do every anniversary is to take the kids out to celebrate in some way. I mean the family is what this 20 years of marriage has been all about, after all. So, after returning from our getaway we took the kids out to look at lights. It was beautiful. The getaway was lovely (and I can't wait until the next one), but enjoying time together as a family is hard to beat (unless the kids are fighting, of course, but that's not what I'm talking about here). 

This anniversary was the best yet. Thanks for making it so special, Rophone! I love you!

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jww said...

Happy anniversary!!! You will love this new era of leaving kids at home for 24 hours. It rocks.