Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Back On the Horse

Hey, I'm back! I had some surgery, and it's amazing how when you don't feel that great things like typing up blog posts don't sound that appealing. Either I'm feeling better, or the guilt and stress of how far behind I'm getting is bothering me. Ha!

First I'll start with a few photos I took of Ginger on her longboard. I took these a few days after her birthday, so she's even better on it now, but she sure does love it. 

We made another trip to the library-- such a perfect time to document Edith's style. So, here's another installment in my Library Attire photo series:

I could tell that Bud was nervous about the fact that Rophone would be helping him make his Valentine's box this year, since my surgery would make me unable to do it and we usually work on it together. So, the night before my surgery, I set about throwing together a Valentine's box idea for Bud to possibly use. I knew he would most likely be appalled by what I quickly assembled, and hoped that it would make him more excited (and relieved) to be working with his dad on the project.

I was in surgery when Bud saw my creation, but apparently I was spot on in judging his reaction. Put a "shirt" on it and I would totally use it. I think it rocks. Total personality! Bud was way more happy with what he and his dad came up with as an alternate. 

It won the award for "most colorful". Fitting. I wonder what my box would have won? Probably the "best hair" award. 

I was pretty down and out after my surgery, but I managed to get a little video of Edith on her balance bike (she's awesome at it!) and I captured this picture of Edith and Rophone doing a little clothing design together. 

Daddy-daughter designing is just about the cutest. They had so much fun together during the two weeks Rophone took off work after my surgery. I think we could get used to having him around all the time if it were possible. Everything's better with Rophone.

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jww said...

Wow! The Valentine box is awesome. I was about 4 or 5 weeks post-surgery, and (granted, I have set no precedent) Ethan went to school with a ziplock bag for his valentines. Yup. Bud's deserved to win an award, though. (Ethan's could have been eligible for the "don't knock yourself out" award.)