Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Our Normal

Some normal goings-on have been scattered amongst all the celebrations. Now I just have to gather them all up and try to put some sense to them. As usual, of course, I use the word "normal" loosely, with the understanding that our normal may not be very normal to others. Ha!

We took a few bike rides… until Edith crashed and now she won't get back on the bike. Oops. When I tell her she needs to just get right back on the horse, she tells me her bike isn't a horse. We'll work on it. 

Big lost his second front tooth! It was flapping around a bit, annoying him, and he was afraid it would distract him during his basketball game so he yanked it. It's a good look for him. So dang adorable with the freckles.

There was some longboard riding…

And some longboard races…

I love how detailed Edith's drawings are getting to be. 

This one is getting framed for the wall:

I'm glad we finally got around to doing the puzzle I got for Christmas. I loved how it brought everyone together. I loved that when I misplaced Rophone, it ended up that he was down working on the puzzle (and here I just thought he was in the bathroom for ages!). It was definitely a group effort, and we finished it less than 24 hours after opening the box. Time to buy another!

Edith has been sleeping on the floor ever since she got her big girl mattress. Now that we're finally in our own place, it was time to get her into a bed. I scored a totally awesome deal on a solid wood bed ($15!!), and managed to find some little tables that I could use for an end table to replace the teetering stack of boxes that I was using and as a night stand for Pen. So exciting to do stuff like this!

Here the stuff is after a first coat of paint. Edith chose "Sassy Lilac" for her bed, which I think fits her perfectly. The color next to it on the paint chip card was "Imperial Lilac", and Edith said she wasn't going to get it because it's EVIL. Big has been talking to her a lot about Star Wars. Ha!

Auntie Opera came for a quick visit during the week. The kids sure did love having her here, especially with the dramatic accents she brought to their game of "Clue". 

I was so excited to put Edith's bed together (thanks, Rophone!) and get my table in place. They're exactly as I'd hoped! This house is starting to look more like a home. Our home. 

I've been trying to catch up on my blog posts (as you can tell), and it works great to have Edith work in her workbook as I write. It may make my thoughts less cohesive, but it's nice to work together.

After Rophone got home yesterday he proposed that maybe we should spend some time outside. What a perfect idea. It was overcast and stormy-- just the kind of day we like best. Big and Edith really enjoyed showing off what they can do on their scooters.

Rophone pulled out the bubbles after they were tired of riding their scooters. It turns out that blowing bubbles in the wind is a total blast-- especially when your bestie-Daddy is there to enjoy it with. You can tell just how much Edith loves him by the look in her eyes. 

What a fun afternoon, and what a fun (and actually really quite normal) past few weeks we've had! I sure do love my family and the things we do. 


jww said...

You have the best "normal." Great job on the bed and nightstands. Bike crashes are hard to get over--I get that. Belinda would get very upset (like, angry!) about bike crashes and come in the house vowing never to get on the bike again. Then she'd wind up out there on it 2 hours later. It was so funny. Edith will get there.

patti's place said...

Always great pictures capturing the perfect moments. Love catching up with you all!