Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Doubled Digits

May Day isn't about flowers and Maypoles around here. Nope. It's about Bud's birthday! And this year Bud's birthday was a pretty big deal-- he hit double digits! It's hard to believe he's been alive for 10 whole years and is embarking on his eleventh, but it's true! Bud is one of the most thoughtful, kind, brilliant, and witty kids that I know. He loves to learn and wants to explore the world. We're so happy he's a part of our family.

I whipped up a quick batch of pancakes before sending the kids off to school on the morning of his birthday, just to make it feel more like a birthday. Bud didn't seem too sad about it. Once everyone was gone, Edith and I set about making the lime yogurt cake that Bud requested. It turned out better than ever before, probably because Edith has such a deft hand when it comes to stirring. Then we wrapped up Bud's gifts, with Edith doing the tough job of selecting which papers we would use. Now it was really beginning to look like a birthday around here!

We ate Bud's second choice (fajitas) for dinner, with plans to eat his first choice (lasagna) on Sunday. It ended up being a pretty good deal for him-- getting to have two of his favorite things to eat in one weekend. Dinner was great, but no one lingered too long because everyone was anxious to get to the really good stuff-- presents and cake! 

Bud was trying to save the paper at first, but then I told him to just go for it. So he did. The first two presents he opened were the final two books in a series he likes. Books are always a big hit around here, which I love. 

Then he moved on to a slightly bigger box from his Grandma. It contained a few things he's been really wanting-- a piano manuscript book and a ball maze like the one his cousin, The Wizard, has. He was so excited to receive both things, and he works on the maze for hours at a time, so it was definitely a good purchase.

All done.

No, wait. Maybe not. We had one more present hidden away…

Now that's what he really wanted. Can you tell?

After presents, we moved on to the main event. The big blow out.

Yay, it's official! He's 10! Happy Birthday, Bud, we love you!


jww said...

What an awesome birthday. Great photos. Happiest of birthdays to Bud!!

Tamsen said...

He's such a cutie and looking so much older. Have an incredible year, Bud!

patti's place said...

Congratulations to Bud for getting to the double digits! Ten is way cooler than nine, right? Fun blog post!