Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Heading Into Summer Life

I have to admit that this summer has been a little rough thus far-- I think once the kids get used to being together all day every day, the interpersonal relations should improve. I hope. Edith definitely isn't used to having so many people around all the time. That being said, I really think that this week went a little more smoothly than the last. Really. Positive thoughts, people!

So, let's move back to the week before school got out. Back to our pre-summer bliss. A dear friend of mine, who I don't see nearly often enough, had the day off work and brought her daughter down for a hike and a visit. It was perfect weather, overcast and not too hot or too cold. I'm so glad she was able to come down. It made me realize I don't interact with others nearly enough. I forget how fun it is to hang out with people, especially when I like them! Ha!

Edith was watching me as I got dressed for the hike that morning, and as I pulled on my pants she gasped and exclaimed, "I love those pants a billion fifty!" Sometimes it's really not so bad to have an audience for everything I do. 

That afternoon, Rophone assembled Edith's new basketball hoop. Big had completely destroyed the plastic hoop we had with his monster dunks, so we got Edith a sturdier metal hoop that should withstand all the awesomeness. The kids were so excited to have it up.

We had my mom over for Memorial Day, which gave us a good excuse to play lots of games. 

Ginger and Big decided to take their game playing outside. 

I love seeing my family have fun together. 

Bud's teacher emailed me some photos from their in-class Fabulous Fourth awards ceremony. Bud not only was awarded the Fabulous Fourth Award (for doing a bunch of extra reports, reading books from every genre, meeting AR goals, etc), but he also received an award for most AR points in the 4th grade. He didn't even take as many tests as the number of books he read, but still managed to get over 600 points for the year. He said it's because the books he's reading are more advanced, so it's easier to amass points. Whatever the reason, good job, Bud! I'm proud of you. 

When Rophone got home from work the day before school got out we challenged Big to a few games of Around the World. It was a lot of fun.

We decided to go on a hike the Saturday after school got out, as our first official family activity of the summer. I was so excited to have Rophone along, since it's usually just me and the kids, but was bummed that Pen had to work. We had so much fun, though. 

I wish I could go on a hike every day. It makes me happy. 

My brother was in town with his family, so we hung out with them the first Monday after school got out. It's always so much fun to be with cousins. Especially when our new house has so much great space both inside and out to enjoy. It was super relaxing and fun

Jazz Hands dumped some stray toppings on her piece of cheese pizza and it ended up making a friendly face. I had to take a picture to immortalize it, since even friendly looking pizza gets eaten around here. 

I attacked the long grass in the orchard one morning with the trimmer. I'm not sure who was victorious. 

I managed to get a few takers for another hike. As usual, we had a great time. There were loads of butterflies fluttering around us as we hiked. It was beautiful.

The younger kids pulled out the sidewalk chalk that afternoon and drew us all some beautiful pictures. Edith drew me a turtle named Leo. I love it. 

Big drew me an awesome open-mouthed hippo named Hipster. It even has a cute purple bird on its back. I think that the fact that Big labeled my picture with my first name rather than "Mom" is indicative of our relationship. He clearly views me as more of his equal, or maybe even an underling. Ha! 

The two younger kids truly love Rophone a lot more than me (unless they're hungry), so they spend most of the summer days asking when he's going to get home. Life would be so much easier if Rophone had the summers off, too. All is right in the world again when he walks in the door from work-- especially when he does something like this:

See? Everything is better when Daddy's around. 

Big and Edith have discovered that this little arm of the deck stays shady all day, so when they want a break from the sun while they're outside they can often be found sitting here, talking about life and Star Wars. It's super cute. I hope they remember it always as their special spot.

We had my mom over for dinner a few nights ago, and when I walked her out to her car I noticed the clouds were really interesting and beautiful. So I snapped a photo. I really like the things I can see from my driveway.

Bud loves puzzles, both doing them and making them. He made me a fun word search the other night and I got stuck looking for the last few words. Part of it was because he forgot to put two of the words in the puzzle. :) It still was really fun and tough. Thanks for making it for me, Bud!

Hey, it looks like I'm all caught up! I'm planning on another hike tomorrow, so I guess there will be more memories made and more to blog about. I can hardly wait. 

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