Wednesday, July 15, 2015

I Feel So Far Behiiiiind!

I know it's only been about a month since I last posted, but during the summer a lot can happen in a month! There's a ton to catch up on and we haven't even gone anywhere yet!  As I mentioned at the end of my last post, I had a hike scheduled for the next day. I really need to get out hiking with my good friends more often, especially this one. Ginger is great friends with her daughter and we always laugh a lot when we're together-- perfect recipe for a great time, right? 

We need to go again. I'm in need of more laughs. 

That evening, Rophone had us all pile in the car without telling us where we were going. Our city puts on a food truck round-up every Thursday throughout the year, but we hadn't ever been. When we pulled up near the gathered food trucks the kids and I were super excited. 

It was super fun and the food was really good. We decided we definitely want to go again, just maybe not when it's 100 degrees outside. :)

A few days later (the day before Father's Day), Pen and I managed to go on a hike just the two of us. The younger kids were bummed to be left behind, but it's not very often that Pen and I get to do something together, so I insisted. It was a lot of fun. 

There was lots of beautiful stuff to see. 

The butterfly didn't seem to mind having its picture taken (photo credit: Pen)…

…but the snake got pretty pissed off. 

Apparently it didn't like a human hand hovering 6 inches above its head. Go figure.

I uncovered some drawings of Edith's that she informed me needed to be recycled because of the mistakes. I did as she asked, but not without taking photos first. I love how detailed her drawings are (especially for a 4 year old!). 

I've got to take a break here before going on. Father's Day deserves its own post, after all. It's a big deal!

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