Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Model

We went to a farewell open house on Sunday to say goodbye to my brother, Rib, and his family. They are moving to another place due to a job transfer, and we are terribly sad to see them go. While we were there at the party, Rib's son, Captain Tornado, started commanding me to take his picture. He came up with all of the poses himself.

"Hey! Take a picture of me drinking from my cup!"


"Take a picture of me crouching down like this!"

All righty.

"Take a picture of me doing this!"


"Hey! Take one of me acting like a frog!"

Why not?

Captain Tornado is hilarious. I think he may have a real future in modeling-- he seems to understand his angles, managing to look good in every picture. And, with such an array of emotions at his disposal, no one will ever accuse him of only having one "look". Hopefully he'll remember me when he's famous.


Lisa Marie said...

lol. sounds like rogue. he's my "poser". he knows not to just look at me and smie like most kids do. he looks off into the distance, gives me a serious look, or pretends to be concentrating on something he's doing- all without direction. it sure makes our job nice & easy to be working with models before their fees kick in, eh?

Pete Pages said...

So funny...and typical. He has a more subtle way of seeking the spotlight than my other boys, wouldn't you agree?

laura said...

All he needs is a Zoolander pose! He's so cute!