Monday, July 6, 2009

Big Says...

Last Friday night, the 3 older kids spent the night with their Auntie and Uncle Art at their new place. The kids were so excited to go hang out with their much loved aunt and uncle. Big, feeling a little anxious, declined their generous invitation to sleep over, but spent the afternoon playing at their house before we left the older kids behind.

While Rophone and I were driving with Big in the car after we left, I asked him if he had enjoyed spending time with his aunt and uncle. He replied that he had. Then I asked him what he had done while at their house...

Me: "So, what did you do at Auntie and Uncle Art's house?"

Big: "We worked with clay in the garage!"

Me: "Did you like doing that?"

Big: (with a big nod) "Yeah!"

Me: "What else did you do?"

Big: "I jumped off the furniture..."

Me: "What else?"

Big: "..Uncle Art hit me...."

Me: "What?!"

Big: "...Uncle Art hit me..."

Seriously? Who could hit this kid? I mean, look at him! Although, maybe that's why he has drool on his chin....

... and look at Uncle Art! That guy wouldn't hurt a fly!

Unless, of course, someone is eyeing his ice cream.

Not to worry. Rophone and I were there the whole time and Big didn't get walloped by Uncle Art. He obviously just isn't used to the type of "guy" roughhousing they were doing and didn't know how else to describe what they had done. It kind of made me realize.... what has he been telling people?! Maybe that explains some of the strange looks....


laura said...

My cousin's husband travels a lot and at school their son wrote about the whip cream parties his mom has when his father is away. Come to find out she makes her children hot chocolate with whip cream as a nightly treat when daddy is away. I wouldn't want to try to explain that one! :-)

jwise said...

So funny! Kids' explanations are the best. I just hate when they write about it at school. At least when they say it to my friends, my friends can ask me to clarify. :)