Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I'm Photo Challenged

I'm still participating in the photo challenge, believe it or not. It has been a struggle. I'm not going to lie. I'm a really bad liar, so I generally don't even try. (Hey! That rhymes!)

Things have been a lot rougher the last few months-- my telephoto lens, which I relied on heavily, died (may it rest in peace) and life seems to have gotten in the way. Not to mention that 365 days is a long time to take a photo a day. Really, it is. I promise. My motivation just hasn't been there.

I have been more unhappy than happy with my pictures as of late. It's a sad state of affairs. It has even been making me rethink wether or not I should print a book of my photos when the challenge is over. 

Regardless, I have managed to take a few photos I feel may be worthy enough to share with you. If I weren't too lazy to pull photos off my other hard drive, I could give you more. But, as one of my friends always says to her kids, "You get what you get and you don't throw a fit." Plus, if I leave you in suspense over what you're missing, you might be more likely to want a copy of my book.

If I print it. 

Okay, here goes...

Life has been a bit nuts lately, and the loss of my telephoto lens has meant a complete change in how and of what I am able to take photos. My creative mojo has not been reacting well. But, somehow, I have still managed to find opportunities. Even on the go.

Cooking dinner with one hand, taking photos with the other...

Even a funeral can produce something fantastic if you look.

Some people have found this next photo a little creepy. I think that's why I like it. I am quite happy that she sleeps in a room far from mine, however.

She seems to prefer eating grapefruit, anyway.

He sleeps quite close, though... ack.

Now this one... well, she won't be able to find me even if I'm standing right in front of her. I don't know if you can tell, but she has some trouble with her eyesight. Just a wee bit.

This kid lures you in with sweetness and light...

...but don't let that fool you. Eeeeek!

On the go again. Desperate. But I kind of like it. And at least the kids were buckled into their car seats where they couldn't get me.

Even though I've been struggling lately, I'll keep on truckin'. It's hard to believe that I have less than 65 days to go. I can make it. I'll keep taking photos, even when the thought of doing so makes me say "ICK".


SassyMama said...

I love your pictures!
They have inspired me:)

I get you on the lens. One of my children (who will remain nameless) got a hold of my fave lens while on my camera and it is trashed:(. Now I ONLY have a tele lens. Like you, having to change how I take pictures. Maybe it is good, making us stretch a bit?

The Laundry Queen said...

Thanks, Sassy! I keep reminding myself that it's good to be stretched, but I guess my mind just isn't in the mood as of late. ; ) And my kids are much less willing to have their photos taken when I'm right in their faces with a camera-- with the telephoto, I could snap away from a discrete distance.

jwise said...

You should totally print a book, whether you feel like it (or think it a worthy venture) or not. TOTALLY! (P.S. We also use "you get what you get and you don't throw a fit." It got me through teaching co-op preschool for each of my 3 kids x 2 yrs.)

Roger said...

I think you are doing so well it would be impossible to quit now. As Chuck Padbury once said to me"Have you ever looked back and wondered how you did what you did?" Look at what you "did". You can do it!!!!

carmar76 said...

You definitely have to continue, because your photos are gems!

And, random semi-related question - was your daughter using a serrated "grapefruit" spoon on that grapefruit?

The Laundry Queen said...


And, yes, Carrie Marie, she was using a serrated grapefruit spoon. It's vintage, from when I was a kid! ; )

Pat said...

I love checking for your photos every day. Even the ones that aren't great. I mean, it's the reason I get up in the morning, you know? So don't leave me hanging.

The Laundry Queen said...

Well, if I didn't give you a reason to get up, Pat, I'd miss all of those great sunrise photos you take-- so, don't worry, I won't leave you hanging! ; )