Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Bud discovered the game of hangman last night. Ginger invited him to play a few games before bed, and he loves it. He asked me to play this morning just as I was sitting down to eat breakfast, so I told him he would have to wait a minute. I then heard him mutter that he would just play by himself. I was really interested to see how it was going to go. 

A few minutes later, Bud walked up to me (looking rather disappointed) and dejectedly said, "Playing hangman with yourself is kinda easy." Thank goodness he didn't think it was hard!

After Big and I dropped Bud off at school we decided to run some errands. We had a successful and fun shopping trip. Big did a great job manning the list so we didn't forget anything. In the car on the way home, I looked back at Big and said, "I like you!" He gave me a bored look in return and replied, "You've mentioned it." 

Clearly, I must tell my kids that I like/love them too often. But, I believe a job isn't worth doing unless you do it well. I'm practicing for when they're teenagers and it will come in handy. To torture them. 

I'm gonna be the best!


carmar76 said...

You can never say/hear I love you, or I like you, too much!! Being loved is wonderful, being liked even better!

(Some would say it's the other way around, but we're called to love. So when we love something/someone AND like them, I think it's a high compliment. Does that make sense? It's late & I get loopy! *laugh*)

The Laundry Queen said...

I totally get you, Carrie Marie. My husband and I have understood the difference from the start in our relationship and are happy that we can claim both about one another! We try to show our kids that, too!

jwise said...

Funny quip, but I agree--you can't say it too much even if they pretend they don't like it or they've heard it too much. (And, yeah, like and love are not the same thing.) Wouldn't it be funny to reply to our kids the same way they reply to us??? I wonder what they'd do. ha ha ha

The Laundry Queen said...

To give Big his due, he laughed with a twinkle in his eye after he said, "You've mentioned it." I think he was just acting out the part so he could try a new word. Plus, at that time he was pretending to be "Pavis, age 11".