Sunday, February 7, 2010


Ginger celebrated her birthday on Tuesday. Nine. It's really hard to believe for some reason. We had a family dinner with her grandparents and Auntie and Uncle Art last Sunday-- her requested favorite of salmon. It was a lot of good food and company. Then, on Tuesday, we just hung out as a family and had another meal of her request. Company casserole (don't ask). 

After dinner on Tuesday she opened her gifts. 

Big was hilarious, saying stuff like, "What's in this one? .... She's taking too long..... Just rip the paper.... Open it, Ginger!" He hovered over her shoulder the entire time. 

I must have annoyed her a little, too. I caught her mid-eye-roll after something I said. Oh, well. It's my job and I think I excel at it. 

Then, of course, came dessert. Since I knew I'd be making some cake pops for Ginger's friend party later in the week, and we had loads of brownies left over from Sunday night's family dinner, I opted for a fancy cupcake for Ginger. Leftovers for everyone else. 

Just ignore the fact that you can see my flash in the window behind her. I told everyone that would happen. 

Here's another shot after I convinced her to move away from the window. 

It was fun, she liked her meal and her presents, and the cupcake was a hit. Happy Birthday, Ginger!


SassyMama said...

Happy Birthday, Ginger!
Wow, LQ, you sure are old if you have a 9-year old:)

jwise said...

Fun! I didn't realize she is only 6 months younger than Belinda! Great birthday....