Monday, April 5, 2010

Odd Easter

Easter was odd this year for a few reasons-- the main one being that Rophone had to work both Saturday and Sunday, so was absent. It just wasn't the same without him being here. We're hoping he's not still at the same job in a few years when it's slated to happen again, but if he is we'll be sure to celebrate our Easter on another day.

Another reason it was odd was because when we dyed Easter eggs on Saturday I forgot to take pictures. Hard to believe, isn't it? But I didn't. Not a one. I guess I was just too busy dyeing eggs and supervising. It's true that Big was getting a little slosh happy with the dye.

I'm really pretty bummed, actually. The lighting was perfect, we were all having a blast, the eggs turned out great, and this was the first year that Big was old enough to really get into it and do it mostly by himself. I would have loved to have shots to show Rophone since he didn't get to be here. A regret, for sure. 

I was even tempted to use another set of dyes to let the kids re-dunk a few eggs the next day. But, you've seen re-enactments on TV-- the acting is bad and you just know it's not the real thing. It would have been nice to be better looking than in real-life for a few minutes, though.

I did manage to snap a few shots on Easter, however, even though the piano in the living room is placed exactly where I needed to stand to take advantage of the light. But, we had a good time. Well, as much as we could with Rophone missing.

Here the kids are, waiting to see what the Easter bunny brought--

Okay, here we go..(ummm.. Pen really did get stuff, I don't know why she's not pictured)

(Insert non-existent photos of Pen, here:)

Then it was time to line up to go look for eggs in the living room. Thank goodness the Easter bunny didn't make us go out in the snow! (Disclaimer: couches and carpet pictured are not mine)

In we go! The Easter Bunny made good use of the piano as a hiding spot.

Then I used it as a hiding spot, too, and snapped a few photos.

The hunt went really well, except for the fact that EB clearly underestimated how well Big would do. He finished a little quickly and had to wait around for everyone else to finish.

Bud was kind enough to keep us loudly updated on his found-egg count as he went along.

All-in-all, it was a grand morning (minus a few tantrums and the missing Rophone). And when the egg hunt was done the kids quickly donned their new shirts and began to play semi-nicely (Big wants Bud's toy, but luckily his birthday is coming up). No one seems too scarred. They seem happy, actually, so I guess we can term this Easter a success!

Looking at this face even kind of makes me want to do it all again next year!

Now, on to Spring break! Wish me luck. 


jwise said...

Great photos, as always. I know what you mean about the regret of not having pictures of the egg-dying (it kind of haunts you--that's what happens to me, too). But honestly, with so many great photos of the baskets & hunt, I wouldn't even notice they were missing. Cute, cute. Sorry Rophone wasn't there. That would TOTALLY stink. :(

carmar76 said...

How'd Big know he was done? Do you color-code the kids' eggs? Mom did that one year for us - I had all the green eggs, my brother had all the blue & we each got 5. I think. Maybe 6? Anywhoo! Good pictures! : )

The Laundry Queen said...

Yep. Color-coded. Makes it a lot easier when they're young and keeps the older ones from unfairly finding more than the younger ones. The Easter Bunny is pretty smart. ; )