Saturday, April 24, 2010

What Happens When You Give Auntie Art Cardboard

As I mentioned in the last post, Auntie Art was at our house when Rophone and Big came home with the motorcycle. The motorcycle came contained in a big box. In lots of pieces. Lots and lots of pieces.

I know my post about the motorcycle may have given you the impression that Rophone just brought the bike home and the kids hopped right on and started riding. Not so. Those pictures were actually taken after hours spent assembling the thing, Big pacing impatiently, helmet on his head, ready to go, just knowing that if we would let him help it would go so much more quickly.

His "help" didn't really move things along, unfortunately. At least not in a forward direction, anyway-- it was more like sideways. Especially when Big got on the motorcycle and took off, front wheel missing, dragging several bike parts along under the chassis. I moved my legs out of the way just in time, probably feeling much like my mother did just before I hit her with my car.


Have I ever mentioned that on here before? Hmmm... maybe if it's best if I just don't bring it up. Forget I said that. 

Anyhoo, Auntie Art and the kids decided to team up and have fun with the huge box that had contained the slowly-materializing motorbike. I don't even remember who came up with the idea-- maybe Ginger-- but we suddenly had a full-blown art project on our hands. But, that's what happens when you give Auntie Art cardboard. She just can't contain herself. 

It started out with Auntie Art thinking she was leaving soon so it would have to be quick, but eventually morphed into an all-out creative throwdown involving packing tape, markers, hot glue, fabric scraps and an exacto knife. Aunt vs. Box.

In the end, it was no contest-- Auntie Art was the ultimate victor. The Box didn't even know what hit him and Ginger and Bud were awarded the prizes.

Bud ended up with this fabulous house, replete with balcony (both people and car compatible)...

....double front doors and a one car garage...

.. not to mention the fabric-carpeted interior and modern art on the walls (not pictured).

The most important thing to note is that Bud shared! See? It kept Big out of my hair while I finished the motorcycle (hallelujah!). 

Here is Auntie Art adding some of the finishing touches--


Ginger ended up with a fantastic puppet theater. 

Thank goodness Grandma had a barrel full of fabric in her basement! I believe the puppet theater is now wearing what was meant to be a jumper for me in the late '80s. I'd like to think the fabric wouldn't have made me look nearly so boxy.

A little later, Ginger added in the backdrop she created. 

Scripts are being written and plans are being made-- I can't wait until the first big performance!

Thanks, Auntie Art!


Pat said...

I've always thought there was just nothing like a plain old box. I've got photos of my kids being pushed around the room sitting in a large diaper-box race car. And then there is the castle in the basement, complete with turrets, a flag, windows and a door, big enough for several kids to sit in.

carmar76 said...

You all are so creative! And that motorcycle looks like fun... : )

jwise said...

WOOOOOOOW!!! I love it!! Those are both fantastic! How neat to have such a talented aunt! I bet the kids are LOVING those--I know my kids would!