Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Upgrade

I was looking down at my feet this morning and noticed that the tops of them were dry and in need of lotion. THEN I noticed that being dry really made the wrinkles stand out.

WRINKLES?! On the tops of my FEET?!?

I then rather poutingly complained to Rophone, who was taking the day off, "I have wrinkles on my feet. I'm getting old."

Big, who was sitting near my feet, matter-of-fact-ly responded to my complaint, saying, "Well, I guess it's time to buy a new mommy."

I'd better stop complaining or Big will trade me in for an upgraded model! 


jwise said...

LOL (I hear ya about the wrinkles, though. Isn't that supposed to wait until we're 50?!?)

SassyMama said...

I will have to check out my feet tonight:).

(If you get traded in, does that mean you get to go live at a spa?)

e. said...

At least you have nice feet. They could be wrinkly and snaggle-toed. I'm sorry, but there's nothing worse than old lady snaggle-toes... except maybe old man snaggle-toes... because then they're hairy too. Yuck.

The Laundry Queen said...

jwise-- I think if I would have remained living in the great Pacific NW, then maybe they would have waited until age 50. That and not wearing flip flops all the time-- my feet have been exposed to too much sun.

Sassy-- A spa? I certainly hope so.

e.-- You remember that about my feet, huh? Well, I remember thinking that yours weren't as bad as you thought. And your super cute face makes up for them anyway. ; )