Sunday, July 18, 2010

California Vacation

We went camping in California over 4th of July weekend with Rophone's family. It was the first of any kind of family reunion his family has had in the 18 years we've been together. Rophone's brother's wife just took the reins and arranged the whole thing. Good for her. Almost everyone was able to be there.

The weather was cloudy and cool-- not what you'd expect for July, but I thought it was perfect. We camped for 3 nights, which I also thought was just about perfect. Anything shorter wouldn't have been worth the effort, and anything longer might have caused conflicts to arise. 

I managed to take a few photos (not surprising, I'm sure). I won't post all of the several hundred I snapped on here (you're welcome), but I'll just post a select few (I use the term loosely) favorites of my family. If I included shots of all the folks that were there, you'd be here forever. Cursing my name.

I included this next shot because I think it's so crazy. The cousin on the far left is 3 months older than Ginger. The cousin in the middle is 6 months younger than Ginger. They're giants compared to her! I think Ginger must have been standing in a hole in the sand.

Here's a shot of Rophone's dad-- he was really happy to have everyone together. 

And a few photos of some non-people things, of course. Because that's the way I roll.

We loved our little Charlie-Brown-Christmas-Tree-Palm-Tree.

Okay. Back to folks again.

On our last night, the night of the 4th, we got to watch fireworks right over the water. A perfect finale to a great reunion.


carmar76 said...

I could look at hundreds of your pictures quite happily, you know. : ) Looks like a fun time was had, and I love the kids' hats!

Also, on cousins - I have one who is 11 months older and one who is 11 months younger, and they are sisters. Of course, I have over 40 cousins (counting 2nd & 3rd), so it's really more surprising there aren't MORE that close in age to me. LOL

jww said...

What a FUN vacation!! (I'm glad I'm not the only one who uses the words "I'll just post a few" loosely...) Fantastic pictures. I have to say that the first one of Pen (close-up, teeth-y, darling) I think she looks like you. I'm glad you got to go! What a fantastic reunion!

mk said...

That picture of Pen, with hair in her face? Too sexy for her own good. What are you going to do with her?

Looks like your trip was fabulous. I'm so glad you got some relax-time. :)