Monday, July 12, 2010

Poor Momma!

Big and I were eating lunch together just before we left on vacation and I noticed him watching my face as we ate. He suddenly piped up with, "You have a small mouth. A small, small mouth. Poor Momma." He continued to watch me chew, shaking his head side to side in pity. 

Then, a few days later, we were in the bathroom together and Big announced, "You have a big bum. A big, big bum!" I was waiting for the 'Poor Momma' part, but it never came. It's much, much worse to have a small mouth, apparently. 

I am truly, sorely afflicted. 


jww said...


Poor, poor you!! :(

That is hilarious.

Riecke's said...

Will was touching my belly the other day and I told him the baby would be here when it grew bigger in mommy's belly. He replied " your belly is already REAAAAALLY big!" Great!

carmar76 said...

LOL Did you freak him out by doing fish lips to make your mouth smaller? the fun that could be had there! ; )

patti's place said...

It's interesting what he observes, isn't it? His comments keep us entertained. Hugs to all!

mk said...

Hahahaha I love him.