Friday, July 30, 2010

Cement, Cement, Cement

I always thought that boys just innately made sound effects when playing cars, but I was wrong. Not my boys. There are no vrooms, screeches or crashes at my house. 

Bud's cars talk to each other like people and make plans to go to the dentist and grocery store. They've been doing that since before he saw any kind of movie with cars as speaking characters. 

Big's work vehicles tell you what they're doing as they go. It's awesome. What I mean is, as Big's loader backs up it doesn't go "beep, beep...". No, Big's loader says, "Reverse, reverse, reverse...."

His excavator is digging a big hole in the dirt? "Dig, dig, dig..."

His dump truck tilts to unload its cargo? "Dump, dump, dump..."

My very favorite is when his cement truck sends its contents down the chute. 

"Cement, cement, cement..."

I think you'd have to be there to realize just how funny it really is. But, let me tell you, it makes me smile every time. Hilarious.

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jww said...

That is so cute!! Most people don't know the sound cement makes, so he's way ahead of most people.