Friday, June 25, 2010


Yesterday, Ginger and Big got to be filmed for a few scenes in an independent movie. Our neighbor (and friend) is a film director and professor, and he thought Ginger and Big were the perfect ages and coloring for what he had in mind.

They were in two short scenes, although a lot of waiting time made it longer. But, that's what they say about filming movies-- it's a lot of hurry up and wait. We got there at our call time of 3:30 and waited until 5:00, when they finally admitted that maybe we should just go home and wait for their call. 

During that waiting time on set, Big amazed me. He was so patient and just hung out, chatting occasionally with some of the crew members and actors, raiding the food table for snacks. He seemed so in his element, as though what we were doing was totally normal. I think that he felt like an adult, like he had a job, so he was totally in his element.

When we finally got the call at 6:00 to head to the park for the kids' first scene, I was worried that Big might have lost his motivation. But I was wrong. He was eager to get back to work. Their first scene was playing at the park with a woman who was playing their nanny (the closest my kids will ever get to having a nanny, I can tell you that). Ginger and Big both followed direction beautifully, thus alleviating all of my fears about how it would go.

Of course, with a strong-willed 3 year old it could all change in an instant, especially since as we wrapped at the first location and headed to the second it was nearing his bedtime. I was anxious to see if Big would finally just say 'NO!'. I had no need to worry. Ginger and Big were both great. 

For this scene, the "nanny" was dropping the kids off at "home" and they had to run up the stairs and into the arms of their waiting "mother". Big did so well at walking back to his mark each time they needed to rerun the scene. He was a total pro. Well, except for the fact that he looked at his 'mom' with a bit of disdain because she was a strange woman picking him up and kissing him on the cheek. With how smart he is, I'm sure that if they would have given him some direction he would have acted appropriately. But, they don't know that Big's not a typical 3 year old. 

My favorite part was when Big ran into his "mother's" arms for the first time and as she lifted him in the air she let out a little grunt. It made me giggle because she sounded an awful lot like me. Big brings that out in people. Once in her arms, after enduring a snuggle and a kiss, Big very firmly said, "Put me down." So she did. He let her keep doing it for every take, though. What a long-suffering kid.

Not to diminish Ginger's fabulous performance of course. She did great. I was just so amazed at how well Big took to it all. He absolutely loved it. So much so that he hurriedly got dressed this morning and brought me his socks and shoes, saying, "Hurry, Mom. Let's put on our socks and shoes so we can go to the movie set!" He was crushed when I told him we don't get to go anymore, that his part was finished. 

Poor kid. He just needs a job.


carmar76 said...

Seriously, that sounds like such fun!!

patti's place said...

That sounds like another great adventure for the family and especially the grandchildren involved!

jww said...

HOW NEAT!! That's so cool they had the opportunity to do it, and I'm glad they did so well! :)

Pete Pages said...

What a cool experience! Will you be able to get a copy so we can see it...assuming it won't make it to a Redbox near us, that is.

The Laundry Queen said...

Our friend, the director, said he'd make Ginger a clip to show at show-and-tell, so we'll at least have the parts the kids are in.

Tiare said...

we got to be in it to !

Laura said...

That is so cool! Something they will always remember!