Monday, September 6, 2010

Only a Real Guy

The kids decided to paint their nails yesterday. For safety's sake, I make them go outside to do it. (We're talking the safety of upholstery and surfaces here. I mean, two of the people involved are wiggly boys!) 

Only a real guy can boss his older siblings around while he sits in only Bob the Builder underwear and gets his toenails painted pink. A real guy's guy.

You can tell this guy's guy had a bit of a hard time holding still. Absolutely gorgeous!


jww said...


carmar76 said...

maybe the girls need to get some boy colors for their brothers... ; )

The Laundry Queen said...

In our house there are no 'boy' colors or 'girl' colors. We like all colors. Oh, and his fingernails are green.

carmar76 said...

Aww, that's kinda sweet!