Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Creative Bones

I have mentioned this before, but I never thought of myself as being creative. Doing the photo challenge helped me to begin to believe that I might just have a creative bone or two in my body. Now, Bud on the other hand-- I think he has 206 creative bones. Plus, I'm pretty sure he bleeds and sweats creativity. 

All of my kids are creative, but Bud seems to live and breathe it. I mean, he never really gets bored. When my other kids are complaining that there's nothing to do, Bud's just doing stuff. 

Almost every day after school (and after he does his homework), Bud heads to the basement, turns on music, and starts to make books. They are getting more and more elaborate and fantastic. I don't have a picture of one (shocker, I know), but you can take my word for it. They can be a bit confusing to read, especially his last 6 chapter effort, but he is only five. The amount of time and focus he puts into the projects is amazing.

Then, today, Bud came upstairs to show me his new idea for a business venture. 

He didn't ask me how to spell anything, and I was impressed that he even used the apostrophe correctly. I had a feeling he'd do something like this someday-- ever since he used the toy drill on me as a hair dryer.

What I'm most looking forward to, though, is the album Bud's working on. To say that he lives for music is an understatement. He is already starting to correct his Dad on titles and track numbers of songs, and can even tell us what year some albums were recorded. I guess that's what happens when you give an obsessed, reading 5 year old access to iTunes.

Bud has written 10 songs for his album so far. Almost finished, you're thinking? Ummmm.... no. According to him, his album is going to have 90 songs. The crazy part is, I have heard Bud sing his songs multiple times and they vary hardly at all from the first time he performed them for me. He is actually writing songs and remembering them! It's nuts. 

These are the titles of the first 10 songs Bud's written. (Now, I can't guarantee they'll be in this order on the actual album-- you know how those record people can be.)

Indian War Whoop
In the Tambourine
Go Go Grape
Home of the Magazine
It's Because Things Don't Wanna Change
Crayons in a House
Tick Tock Make Your Own Clock
You Know Where You're Sewin'

I really can't decide which song is my favorite because they're all so good. I can't wait until Bud's album comes out!


carmar76 said...

Based on title, I choose Crayons as my favorite song. lol Kudos to you for encouraging Bud's creativity!! (And yes, you have many creative bones as well!)

Tamsen said...

Awesome! I love all those titles. Hopefully you are starting to get those songs recorded now so we can hear them too. And he and his cousin H need to have a book making party!

janeannechovy said...

I had that same thought, Tams! Gotta get my boy's writing confidence up so he can join the authors club. :) Wish you lived closer so our sweet boys could spend more time together--tell Bud his cousin misses him.

John R said...

I love songs and books especially when they are "created" by my grandsons. And, yes Jana, you are creative, and my daughter.

patti's place said...

It's wonderful that he can entertain himself with his "projects". They (the boy cousins) ought to have a very creative time at family reunion. Love the blog! I think the only one not too creative in our family is me...but I can take a great idea and copy it.

jww said...

That is SO COOL!!! I am very impressed!!! How amazing to have a gift and utilize it so early in life. That is fantastic!! Love it!

John R said...

You always have had an ability to see deeper into what is around you, I think without realizing that you are a very good observer, and thinker. Many never see the things you see until you "picture" (or frame)them for them. Thank you, keep it up.