Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Sheep

Big and I were driving home from a store today and passed a field that is normally full of sheep. 

Me: "Look, Big, the sheep are all gone. Where do you think they went?"

Big: "Maybe their farmer took them for a walk."

Me: "Maybe."

Big: "Or maybe their farmer took them for a jog."

Me (with a picture of headband-wearing, jogging sheep in my head): "Hmmm... ya think?"

Big: "Or maybe their farmer took them FISHING!"

Me: "Do you really think sheep can hold fishing poles?"

Big: "Of course they can. Sheep can do anything."

Of course they can. 


carmar76 said...

Of course they can. Sheep are very talented!

mk said...

Haha. I love him. So hilarious. And his comments about Ethan on Sunday? Haha. I need to come visit.

jww said...

I'm only laughing because YOU didn't know that sheep can do anything.

(Big is SO funny!!! I love hearing his conversations!)

The Laundry Queen said...

He actually then proceeded to give me a long list of the things sheep can do, but for some reason I couldn't remember them when it came time to write about it. I do remember that one of the things was building houses, and apparently sheep are *really* good with saws. ; )

John R said...

Of course sheep can fish. I bet their grandpa taught them how!