Sunday, October 31, 2010


I really love Halloween. One of my favorite Halloween activities is carving pumpkins. We didn't do any last year, since I was still recovering from my elbow surgery, so this year I made sure that we made time in our busy schedules to give it a go. 

The best part about this year is that I didn't have to carve all of the kids' pumpkins myself. Both Pen and Ginger decided that they should carve their own this time around. It was a little difficult for me to give up the reins, being a slight perfectionist and all, but I figure it's these kind of baby steps that will prepare me for when they want to get behind the wheel of the car in a few years. Right?

Pen wanted to try a more difficult pattern this year, and she did a great job. Well, except for a slight mishap with the top of the owl's head. But, we want to make Halloween thrilling for owls, too. They shouldn't be left out, I don't think, and Pen's jack o'lantern will give them nightmares of partial-beheadings. (and, yes, I realize the candles are in focus and the owl isn't, but it was cold!)

Ginger carved her own pumpkin for the very first time this year, and I think she did fantastically. She picked a pattern that is very fitting for her personality. Plus, it wasn't super difficult-- a perfect place to start.

I carved the boys' pumpkins with the patterns they picked out. I was nice and patient with Bud's, so it turned out great.

With a little over-eager and anxious help from Big we had a minor dental mishap-- but, luckily, I know a smidge about toothpick-jack-o'-lantern dentistry so it was fairly easily remedied.

I love seeing the kids in costume (although in Big's case he just went out in his daily wear). The excitement was palpable as I made them stand still long enough to have their pictures taken. The candy was calling!

(Big developed this smile rather abruptly. I'm hoping it's just a virus.)

We really had a great day together as a family, and Pen even got to go to her first middle school party! Her first Halloween party ever, I guess. As she kind of pranced out of the car excitedly (Dancers do that. The prancing.) and headed up to her friend's front door, I realized something. Pen was feeling absolutely no self-consciousness about what she was wearing, even though it was skintight.

Rophone and I have managed to raise daughters with none of the terrible body issues that I had growing up! I mean, I wasn't fat at her age, but I thought that I was. The realization that she has none of those same warped ideas of her body image that I did made me want to cheer. And cry. 

Instead, I just held Rophone's hand and whispered my happiness that we did it. Now we just have to keep it up. Really, what a great day! 

Happy Halloween!


jww said...

Oh, I love it! The body image thought especially. Yes, keep it up! I love the carved pumpkins, and the kids all look great in their costumes. :)

John R said...

"Great Pumpkin!" Uh, I mean great pumpkin carving. Hope everyone had a great time and got some candy too. the 3 yr old looks very comfortable in his costume as does the 5 yr old. The oldest is getting past the awkward stage for sure. Wish we could see them in person.

SassyMama said...

Yes, you are obviously doing a very good job. What a great reminder for you:).

Very, very impressed with the carving. You may have to come carve ours next year...