Saturday, October 2, 2010

Gymnastics Times Two

For the past 5 weeks, both Bud and Ginger have been taking a gymnastics class through the city. Ginger has been begging me for ages to let her take gymnastics, and Bud really wanted to take again since he loved it so much the first time. Their classes were one after the other on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, so Rophone and I tag-teamed it so that no one had to be there for 2 hours straight. 

They got to work on 4 events-- vault, beam, bars and floor. On the last night of classes, the kids got to showcase what they have learned. I, of course, was there with my camera to capture it all. 

Bud and Ginger were pretty much a blur doing the vault, but I did my best to catch what I could. 

Both of the kids really loved the beam. 

The bars are a real challenge. 

And, yes, Bud has a bony butt.

Oh, to be so afflicted.

Their work on the floor was also a bit difficult to capture-- all of those quick movements.

After it was all said and done, it was time for the awards ceremony. Bud and Ginger both looked proud, and I know they had a blast. Ta-da!

Bud definitely wants to do gymnastics again, but Ginger seems to have gotten it out of her system-- back to soccer next fall for her. Way to go, kids!


carmar76 said...

Way to tumble!

jww said...

That is so neat!!! It looks like they had a great time. Two hours is a long time, so it's good you tag-teamed it, but I still think it's cool you could schedule them back-to-back. Nice.

Tamsen said...

Nice work. Bars are really hard at that age, or any age in my opinion :)

I think it's great that B wants to stick with it. Looks like a great class.